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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the rally Saturday night. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on Saturday presented himself as having been born to be Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“You see, when I was chosen for the vocation which I now have, Almighty God must have known it from the time I was in my mother’s womb,” he told a rally in Arygle to mark the first anniversary of the Feb. 14, 2017 opening of Argyle International Airports.

“And when I’m a young man growing up and I see that I am the only boy from Colonarie school able to pass the Grammar School exam in 1958 to go in there in 1959, where 30 of us were taken in and only five come from leeward and windward, the rest from town and the surrounding areas, as a young boy, I said, ‘If ever I am given the opportunity, every single 12-year-old will find themselves in a secondary school,” the prime minister said.

Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party administration in 2005 implemented its universal access to secondary education policy, which sees every Grade 6 student advancing to a secondary school regardless of his or her performance in the requisite examination.

“As a young man, I would walk from Colonarie and going up over Rabacca and I would talk to people in Orange Hill and Overland and Sandy Bay and they will say if God would only bless us with somebody who would build a bridge over the Rabacca River. I said, ‘If ever almighty God raise me up from where I am now, I will build it.,” said the prime minister, whose government also built a bridge over the treacherous Rabacca Dry River.

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“You see, this is not something in which you just want a job, you know. This is not something — you just want a job you know. Because, I tell you this: Friday only want a job, you know,” he said, referring to Leader of the Opposition, Godwin Friday, who has been representing the Northern Grenadines since 2001.

30 replies on “Gonsalves presents himself as born to be PM”

  1. I believe that everyone has to be born with a ‘Destiny’ and therefore agrees with the PM. You see; knowing and feeling and hoping is the easiest but keeping the focus to accomplish those hopes are the greatest challenges.
    So YES> It is quiet okay for “GONSALVES TO PRESENTS HIMSELF AS BORN TO BE PM” as he believe the position of PM aligned with those initiatives he hoped for as a little boy, that he had to have become the PM to be able to complete them, those infrastructures done under his leadership.
    In those days, growing up in the country in SVG was just as he indicated and getting to the Capital (Kingstown) even for a visit was like a dream for us boys and girls then; much less to have been so lucky to pass the High school and Grammar school entrance which, to me was more of an annual exercise of status selection of who you know; with a few limited space for us brilliant country primary school kids. Such was the calling endowed to that “only boy from Colonarie school able to pass the Grammar School exam in 1958”; the now SVG PM Today.
    There is no coincident that Destiny and Dreams begins with ‘D’ as what has been Destined is achieved with focus authenticated via your Dreams. The said purpose my first book is named “STANDING TALL IN THE ECHOES OF DETINY” and my first poem encourages that you>> “ Move On! Move On!
    The morning appears dazzling with gold
    One never knows what the day will unfold—
    But off you go with the chores of the day
    Hoping to fulfill those goals of yesterday
    Before my eyes the day glides away;
    While loved ones prepare for the end of the day—
    Expectations of greetings and goodies for sharing,
    To adorn the closing of a weary day;
    The golden sun dims over the hazy horizon,
    A silent goodbye to the world on this way,
    The sea reflects a thankful glaze—
    As the clouds gives its vision to the fortunate gaze.
    Move on! Move on! Oh, you fortunate few—
    You are anointed with the tranquility of peace as a glow.
    Move on! Move on! You are not alone,
    The peace within will reign on in atone.

    And YES! Being an accomplished, caring and patriotic PM “is not something in which you just want a job, you know. This is not something — you just want a job you know. Because, I tell you this”: being of PM broods does not necessarily endow one with such Destiny as God is an impartial God.

    Note James 3:17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

    1. You are as much a blasphemer as the Prime Minister.

      According to the “reasoning” used by both of you, since a serial killer is a product of destiny he should not be held responsible for his crimes because there is no free will, only destiny.

    2. Elma sorry old gal, it may be the knackers yard for you. I have never read a bigger load of twaddle than what you wrote here, with the exception of that spoken by Dr Ralph E Gonsalves [DREGs]in this article.

      I believe DREG’s has now completely lost the plot, or perhaps not, most likely he is playing his last key card, perhaps he has formulated another masterstroke plan. Fool the people with his blasphemous utterances, blind the religious into believing his rubbish, because that is the only path left to save him and his son, perhaps the whole future of the dynasty. They know this is the last episode of papa doc and baby doc; it’s the end of the road for them in the eyes of most Vincentians.

      You Elma support him in all this garbage. Perhaps you are right about destiny, but how can you know because there is no way possibly know that, it beyond human knowledge or even comprehension.

      Gonsalves only became politicized in grammar school. His dream later in his teens was to become another Fidel Castro based on Marxism and Leninism, that was his dream not a glimpse of his destiny. So far he has been a failure in seeking to emulate Castro although he has tried so hard, so very, very hard.

      Your comments Elma puts you alongside DREGs as a failed dreamer and a blasphemer, shame on him and now shame on you Elma.

    1. Clint I did not know you were into Vincentian politics.

      Now that comment I like, it’s a spot analysis.

      Perhaps it’s now past time to write off DREGs who wants to be known as a great leader, a great writer, as an eccentric, but I believe he is a fake and a schizoid dreamer.

  2. Where did the hat come from?…Well everyone is entitled to have a bad hair day. Problem is, I think his brain has over-heated on this one. I for one am not going to prostrate myself and worship this (according to him) “Divine Right” dictator.

    1. Jimmy I thought you died in 1955, yet here you are like Clint commenting on Vincentian nonses.

      Thank you so much

    1. Not true. Ralph doesn’t believe this crap but his ignorant, illiterate, and mentally-enslaved followers certainly do!

  3. The PM reminds me of the last days in office of Eric Williams. He is intuitively said that he is a legend and that his assention to the PM office was the results devine intervention. This is sacrilegious at best.

    1. It is sacrilegous and wicked of you to compare the great Eric Williams, father of his country and a world renowned historian who died in office as the first and best Prime Minister in T/T, to our own unknown and unaccomplished leader and scholar.

      Comparing the two is like comparing chalk and cheese!

      Unlike, our Comrade, all of Dr. Williams’ publications, including numerous books and many articles, were published by respected and well known publishers and academic journals.

      Soon, I will reveal Ralph’s true intellectual credentials alongwith those of our other phoney scholars and pretend writers.

      1. I am sooo anxious to see these credentials! I suspect his dipola in Economics was cut-out from the back of a box of corn Flakes. He has proven that he does not have a clue in Economics!

  4. I believe you were the pm only for the first term- not for the other three terms. one day every one will know the truth. A day will come.

  5. What is really nice about this article is the photo, I have never seen him look worse. He actually looks like he died and someone dug him up again.

    He has aged by at least 20 years since he became the spokesman for his son.

  6. Now the rage has burst out among Bajan women and spilled into a UWI debate headed by DREGs. There is supposedly something more serious that triggered the demonstration so watch this media for further news.

    The bolder is rolling down the hill and they can do nothing to stop it before it crashes into their house.

    1. You have brought it into the light Simon. The people have been noticing over the years that any respect DREGS has for women or the poor is FAKE! He only respects the rich because they can finance his power. He only respects the poor at election time for some cheap and easy votes. He sees the women as instruments for him and his close associates to manipulate for his/their pleasure.

      1. Lostpet the power finance comes from the Taiwanese, Venezuelans and Cubans, they deliver millions of dollars to finance each election. Huge amounts of money in diplomatic bags that gets shared out among the dynasty and those accepted as faithful worshippers, as perks.

        Remember the million US dollars in the bag which was shared and banked perhaps even laundered. That was just the tip of the iceberg, some of them have even bought pickup trucks to transport the dinero there is so much.

  7. There are a whole collection of money losing business’s in Saint Vincent which dirty money is added to the takings for it to become clean money. That is how money is being laundered that is how so many are walking with and spending money like water. You don’t have to look far or scratch to deep to see who is dirty, just life style compared with now and before, it sticks out a mile.

    1. Jannette instead of comparing him with Joshua try comparing him with Maduro. We are talking of Marxist-Leninist’s here. His dream is much different to what you and others would ever guess, certainly nothing as minor as a prime minister, that would be his last choice. An attemptee and failed revolutionary, liked to cuddle up close to nasty people like Walter Rodney, Maurice Bishop, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez. Problem is he brought the curse to them all and they are all dead. It is only a matter of time now before Maduro departs and hopefully DREGs will join him as they burn together in return for their blasphemy.

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