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Vincentian Wendel Robinson has been suspended as police chief in Antigua, amidst a sex scandal. (Photo: Antigua Observer)
Vincentian Wendel Robinson has been suspended as police chief in Antigua, amidst a sex scandal. (Photo: Antigua Observer)
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Vincentian Wendel Robinson has been suspended with immediate effect as Commissioner of Police in Antigua and Barbuda, about two years after he was confirmed in the post.

The Antigua Observer newspaper says that Robinson was suspended amidst a sex scandal that has triggered an investigation, which is being led by his successor in the post.

The suspension order came Thursday afternoon from the Police Service Commission in a letter signed by its chairperson, Kelvin John.

Robinson is at the centre of an investigation regarding his alleged sexual harassment of several of his colleagues who complained to the commission last month.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney will be taking over from Robinson as the nation’s police chief and will also be investigating the allegations.

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The suspension also comes a day after the PSC met with the chair of the Police Welfare Association, Inspector Claudina Morgan, who reportedly outlined the concerns of the officers affected, the Antigua Observer has reported.

The three junior cops who made the allegation against Robinson are asking for time off due to stress related to the scandal.

Robinson was confirmed as Antigua and Barbuda’s top cop in early 2016, one year after he began acting in the post.

He replaced Vere Browne, who had been suspended over his refusal to publish the police promotions list and at the same time he was fighting the promotions

In announcing Robinson’s confirmation as police chief, National Security Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin had said that the government was satisfied with his leadership of the constabulary.

Benjamin said serious crimes had decreased because of changes implemented by Robinson or upon his recommendation.

3 replies on “Sex scandal hits Vincy top cop in Antigua”

  1. Agustus Carr says:

    Not good for a Commissioner of Police. This sounds like a set up and a conspiracy. One line is this story captivated my attention, “The three junior cops who made the allegation about Robinson ask for time off because of the stress related to the scandal”. There are usually some kind of interaction or discontentment resulting in these types of allegations. If one were to dig deeper you would find other underlying factors at play here. Nonetheless, a superior Police Officer must always avoid direct interaction with his female staff. Instead, he must do so in the presence of a third party.

    No one is above reproach. It is a very serious allegation and therefore must be properly investigated like all other allegations. Unforunately, whether true or not this is the end of his career. A man cannot recover from a rape allegation neither can a woman recover from the trauma of it. Sexual harassment is very common in the Caribbean. Many women are exploited sexually on a daily basis. Better corporate policies and decisive actions are needed to stamp out these types of conduct. Let’s see how this play out

  2. I agree with some of Agustus Carr sentiments expressed here, This is a Homosexual situation though nothing to do with ladies and also Robinson is one of the brightest minds in the Caribbean when it comes to policing. He is always at the top of his Class whenever he goes on courses, he is a brilliant lawyer and he has just secured the Services of a Barbadian law expert one of the best in the Caribbean. It is a pity he is not Antiguan, but due process must be followed in this case one of the youngest Police Commissioners ever here and this is so sad for the Gentleman. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

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