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Ahkino Rhynd will serve 18 months in jail. (Photo: Facebook)
Ahkino Rhynd will serve 18 months in jail. (Photo: Facebook)
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Police have arrested and charged Ahkino Rhynd, 32, labourer of Canouan for gross indecency and indecent assault.

Reports are that between April 1 and 30, 2018 at Canouan, Rhynd allegedly incited a 5-year-old girl to commit an act of gross indecency to wit, “… instructing her to suck his penis”, she being a child under the age of 12 years.

Rhynd also allegedly indecently assaulted the minor, to wit, “by rubbing his penis on her vagina”, she being a girl under the age of 15 years.

Rhynd is expected to appear before the Family Court to answer the charges.

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32 replies on “Man charged with indecent assault of 5-y-o girl”

  1. Kenton, I know you are doing your job of reporting cases/news but this is becoming too much.

    To save myself, I think I will have to stay away from any news from Saint Vincent and try see if it aids in my blissful ignorance.


    1. Vincy Lawyer,

      Then like most free people, you’re more than welcome not to read the news, I am so sick and tired of people complaining about what’s in the news and what journalist should report.

      1. You clearly lack understanding and that’s on you, not me,

        The crux of my being upset was not on the journalist, as I unequivocally stated that he was doing his job. If you read my comment as a whole, you will see that I was stating my disgust with the increase in these reported cases of abuse against children.

        Also, if it wasn’t clear, I stated what I will try to steer clear of these type of articles so as to curb my disgust. What wasn’t so clear about that? Where did I suggest what and what not should journalists report?

        Sometimes, it will may be better to bat in your own crease!!!

  2. Megan Andrews says:

    These sexual offenses with minors are getting to me now.These hard back men are molesting our babies. We need to implement stiff penalties for the these violations of our children.Please law makers ,if this continues before long we will have a country with more traumatized young people.Lord Jesus please help us save our children?This is too much.

  3. I am done with reading your stupid paper, my whole life reading a news papers I have never read a writer with no morals, adult are not the only one that can read. You are a F—-ing idiot.

  4. My goodness. I can’t believe am reading all these nasty activities by our young men in this country. It’s a shame and deplorable. Actions need to be taken. Is there a break down of law and order in this country?

  5. Linda Hackshaw says:

    What is going on with these men in our country all of a sudden,with all these sexual assaults on our young children? Father God deal with them ,they are to wicked,are we coming like those other countries , where our children can’t walk the streets alone without being molested?God change their hearts and thoughts Lord ,protect and saw your children from these plans of the enemy to destroy them at a young age ,help our nation Lord

    1. C. ben-David says:

      Not “all of a sudden” at all. This has been going on since day one except that now there is more encouragement to report such nastiness and punish it, a process that must be even more strongly encouraged at home and at school.

      Most of these crimes against helpless and innocent children are committed by family members, neighbors, and close friends and associates. Accordingly, young children need to be closely supervised and strongly and repeatedly counseled to immediately report any such incidents to one and all.

      1. Yes I’m in agreement with you that has being going on for donkey years in SVG.
        In many cases the molested also become the molesters.
        Education for our young children to speak out and say something to a family, a friend, a pastor or a teacher may lead to a reduction in these crimes.

  6. Speechless, it’s as if every week there is a new case of sexual assault on young girls under the age of 10. This is alarming but I can’t help but wonder where are their parents, why call the police? Why give these criminals the opportunity to sit in jail off tax payers dollars only to be release back into society where they do not belong , after serving time. As a mother of young children, I sat reading this article with tears in my eyes. While I am not a violent person and strongly believe in upholding the law…… I wouldn’t call the police in this case …..I would definitely kill any man who do this to any of my children . Think about it , five years old, so pure, so innocent and to be stained with the thought of some big old stink disgusting di…. in her mouth. Makes me wonder how many young boys go through this.

  7. Average Joe says:

    I agree with you C.Ben,it’s time they start teaching the kids about sexual exploitation and such at school.
    This shit need to STOP!

  8. Country of Laws, one is innocent until proven guilty in a court. Defense lawyers are waiting and willing to defend persons who come before the court

  9. I fear reading news now, too much of sexual molestation on minors. Can someone tell me what the next is happening with these knuckle heads? ??? Shame, shame on you!!

  10. What the heck is going on with these knuckle heads? Why not stick their ***k in a hole.
    It is so intimidating reading the news now.
    Why minors? Seems like our children cannot be left alone in the Caribbean any longer.
    Chop em off, give them to eat . . . like the father did in Africa. ???#Shameshameshame!!

  11. Does anywhere in the Caribbean still have corporal punishment ?. Someone must check n let me know and for anybody hearing the words for the first time it’s physical punishment such as caning or flogging check and see from the time we stop it ( corporal punishment ) here in the Caribbean crime went helter skelter to much child molestation and gun violence in the Caribbean maybe it’s time we take a step back and try something that work before it’s time to put some fear in these criminals heart and not just letting them sit in prison for years eating three squares a day.

  12. ] (corporal punishment ) maybe it’s time we take a step back and try something that work before from the time we stop it here in the Caribbean crime went helter skelter to much child molestation and gun violence in the Caribbean we have people sitting in jails for years just eating three squares a day n within six months of they released they are back in prison but when you are pending some lashes on returning for similar crimes it will put fear in they heart and we must stop letting people who cannot control the violence in they country tell us what to do in ours something must be done and fast people are reading this news all over the world it’s time we do something to help ourselves to control this violence and child molestation that’s happening here in our backyard.

  13. These criminal acts can be controlled from a legal standpoint, the authority need to implement strategy targeting child abused, drive fear in them and eventually this would result in a reduction in these types of case.

    1. Observer, call me a pessimist but I doubt any law will be a deterrent to these demented and sick minds. I do get that anything now may be worth a try but trust me, if a human being sees NO WRONG whilst one contemplates such actions, I highly doubt that any consequences will matter thereafter. You have to be a sick, nasty person to even contemplate, more so commit such offence in the first place.

      Persons who commit these gruesome acts are long pass the judicial system. The judicial system may inhibit their nasty acts for a time i.e. during incarceration (if they are found guilty).

  14. Megan Andrews says:

    Hanging might be a very good deterrent for some of these crimes. All we need to do is to hang one or two and people will take heed.

    1. …with the Privy Council, as our final appellate court, I doubt that these types of crimes, as disgusting and heart wrenching as they are, will ever meet their threshold for “worse of the worse” cases that warrant the death penalty by hanging.

      Hanging will therefore not occur any time soon. Look at Compay’s case as heinous as it was and it was still not found to warrant death by hanging!!!!

  15. rose latham says:

    No I am not related to the victim, I am a mother of two grown ups, I think like a mother who would not want the world to know what happen to my child if it was mine flesh and blood, there are people who knows these kids and knowing the behavior of a majority of Vincentians it will get around, just imagine how this child will feel while she grows up, so much to deal with and having some ignorant ass talking about it, because they will. Kenton should know better, if its was his child or a family member he would put it all out there.

      1. The author of the article could have easily stated the child was molested. This pushlihing should know that the audiences not only adults. Children read these articles and it was not necessary to state that there was contact of gentials in such a vulgar manner.

      2. I agree that you report facts but writing: a man died as a result of inflicted head trauma is the same as writing a man died when his head was smashed to a pulp with a hammer. In cases of sexual abuse involving minors, you should use more measured language. Believe me, we all know what sexual abuse means, it doesn’t need to be so graphic. It is quite disgusting enough by itself.

  16. rose latham says:

    I am not related to the accuse either you f—king moron. go find something decent to do with your miserable like dick head, most of you men down there are rapist anyways.

  17. When they rape their penis should be cut off, there is no moral in svg, people learn from examples.

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