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Police investigation
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Police said Thursday that they are investigating a report of wounding with intent, made by Teresha Edwards, 20, a domestic worker of Petit Bordel on Tuesday.

In their regular bulletin on Thursday, police said that Edwards has alleged that Margaret Smith, 35, an unemployed resident of the North Leeward village, unlawfully and maliciously wounded her, to wit, “by being stabbed with a knife and chopped with a cutlass on her left hand”.

The incident occurred at Petit Bordel about 12:15 p.m. on Monday.

In the same bulletin, police said they are investigating a report of assault actual occasioning bodily harm and damage to property made by Smith against Edwards.

Smith has alleged that Edwards assaulted her “by [poking] her in both eyes and [in the] face with fingernails”, causing actual bodily harm.

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Earlier this week, two videos — one 82 seconds and the other two minutes and 35 seconds long, were sent to iWitness News, showing various stages of the incident involving Smith and Edwards.

In one of the videos, a woman, said to be Edwards, who is holding a toddler in her arms, is scuffled by another woman who is armed a large rock with which she attempts to strike Edwards.

Edwards pleads with the assailant to release her, while a voice off camera cautions the assailant against striking Edwards’ child.

While Edwards pleads with her aggressor to release her, other voices off camera encourage Edwards to release the child, whose presence was apparently a deterrent to the aggressor.

One woman, referring to the assailant as “Ole Gyal”, tells the aggressor not to harm Edwards, reminding her that Edwards is holding a child in her hand.

In another video, a woman answering to the description of the assailant in the first video and bearing a cutlass in one hand, pursues another woman — resembling Edwards — who has what appears to be a bath towel around her body.

As the woman with the cutlass approaches, Edwards picks up a stone and a scuffle ensues as the attacker tries to chop Edwards with the cutlass, but is prevented from doing so by other persons.

As the scuffle continues, some men are heard speculating about what could happen if the woman with the cutlass is relieved of it.

Some persons succeed in separating the women, but as the argument continues, the woman who initially had the cutlass suddenly chopped Edwards and then flees the scene.