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Hendrikus Wentzel

South African Rugby coach, Hendrikus Wentzel.

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The SVG Rugby Union is looking forward to the arrival of a brand new coach from South-Africa this weekend to run their schools Get into Rugby Programme and coach senior men and women.

Hendrikus Wentzel is a highly skilled and experienced coach, with over 20 year’s rugby experience, and his own rugby consultancy business.

He has been head coach and worked with other developing nations, introducing rugby to schools and working with youth as well as coaching senior rugby, so his experience will be a huge asset to the Union.

Hendrikus will get straight to work preparing the National 7s men’s team for the Rugby America North (RAN) 7-a-side tournament in Barbados.

His knowledge with developing high performance strategies, fitness and skills development will be invaluable to the players in their lead up to the tournament and beyond.

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