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Flow's country manager, Wayne Hull, right, and a technician consider the upgraded equipment.
Flow’s country manager, Wayne Hull, right, and a technician consider the upgraded equipment.
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Telecommunications provider FLOW has announced its latest network upgrade, the Arris E6000 CMTS, which it says aims to improve the capacity of the core HFC broadband network by 50 per cent.

The upgrade is expected to eliminate network congestion, the company said.

Welcoming the upgrade, which commenced since February of this year, FLOW’s country manager, Wayne Hull, said he is thrilled that the new upgrade has been able to extend the network capacity so that the company can better serve the customers, who will be able to get more broadband speed and even more value for their money.

Hull said the FLOW team is on a journey of allowing its customers to have a better experience and be satisfied with the services they are paying for.

He added that it is extremely important that the company stand true to the commitment made to Vincentians: to transform the quality of their services, invest heavily in the network and offer a world class telecommunication service to the nation.

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These continue to be main objectives of the FLOW team, Hull said.

He said the project cost $1.3 million dollars to implement, with others in the pipeline, including upgrading of the microwave radio system, which services the Grenadines.

In the coming months, the northern Grenadine islands should see upgraded speeds, Hull said, adding that the company would then be able to offer up to a 100 mbs of service to homes in the Grenadines.

Hull added that the mobile network is also seeing some upgrades as well as the network expansion to the greenfield communities across SVG.

Meanwhile, FLOW’s Network Operations Manager, Marlon Bibby, spoke highly of the Arris E6000 CMTS network upgrade.

He said it is a turning point for the company, as the upgrade also allows network stability, which would ensure that every customer receives the stabilised speeds. Bibby said the upgrade has been long anticipated and FLOW is moving towards a new era of technology.

Customer Experience Manager Duane Samuel said he is confident that customers would have a better service experience.

He noted that his customer experience team is ready to follow up with the company’s many customers to ensure that they recognize the change.

He also noted that the customer experience team is always available to assist any customers if any challenge should arise.