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The scene of the accident in North Leeward.
The scene of the accident in North Leeward.
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Two persons — one male and one female — are dead and a further two in hospital after an SUV plunged over an embankment just before Gordon Yard in North Leeward Sunday morning.

The occupants of the vehicle are said to be residents of Lowmans Windward who are also members of the Spiritual Baptist Church.

Reports are that they were on their way to a thanksgiving service in Chateaubelair when tragedy struck.

iWitness News has received what is said to be the names of the deceased, but we are not disclosing them until we are able to independently verify them.

The Traffic Branch in Kingstown said that an Inspector of Police has been dispatched to the scene.

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Several persons have lost their lives in North Leeward when vehicles plunged over embankments in the district, where the terrain alternates between steep hills and deep valleys.

Most of the deaths have been confined to an area in Coulls Hill where a section of the road became compromised as a result of the landslide triggered by the 2013 Christmas trough system.

15 replies on “Two dead in yet another North Leeward accident”

  1. May they rest in peace.

    Side Bar: Kenton, kudos to you for withholding the names in your initial reporting. I am sure the immediate families will appreciate this.

      1. Withheld, not disclose have the same effect to ensure verification before publication right in your initial report.

        Lol…que lastima.

        Anyways, it was a compliment.

  2. Since that illuminati sell soul man be the pm for s.v.g, everything just keep happening to vincy. This blessed country. Something have to be done

    1. Hi John, are you saying that we never had any accidents in SVG before this administration came to power. While there are many I am sure we could put on the current administration, putting the blame for accidents such as this make absolutely no sense.

  3. Foreign based Vincy says:

    Wow what does it really take to get this road fix ,only because it’s north leeward ,had it been anywhere in Kingstown it’s fixed already ,Im guess I’ll return to svg I’m years to come and that road still the same ,I’m from leeward and I’m scared as hell of that road much more folks who’s not from there ,the Government seem to be made up of Slackers.

  4. You need to let the people kno that it’s not the road that was damage in 2013
    the accident took place. I can’t believe some of these big men and women can’t read. SMH.
    My condolences to the families.
    R.I .P.

    1. I thought the same thing but thats how he writes. His writing is so ambiguous that if not read multiple times, it will confuse the hell out of you.

      But hey, I get fire when I point this out.

  5. This is so tragic. Why in the world can’t they fix the road in order to prevent loss of life. Five years? Will they fix it now, I wonder and why is it so difficult to fix a road to make it safer?

  6. Gabriel Neverson says:

    This is a moment when the hand of God is writing on the wall. Our people can not for once recognize that tragedies of this kind and magnitude happen no matter what the condition of the roads are. Don’t similar tragedies occur in the Kingstown and surrounding areas with properly fixed roads? Why can’t our people think positively for once? Every incidence that seem tragic in the country is blamed on the Government. We never take timeout to think that it could have been a fault of the driver or the vehicle. No matter what stringent rules put into place can not stop incidences from happening. People wake up and ask God to have mercy upon our people and our blessed land. We are too biased in our judgments and findings.

  7. How come these Baptist people didn’t see this coming before and avoid ….after all they always seem to have a message for someone ….and know everything about other about other people..b bu some how never seem to know or see about themselves.

  8. As the Scriptures point out, “time and unexpected events” ( or “time and chance”) befall us. Ecclesiastes 9:11. As humans we cannot see what will happen in the future, (James 4:14) except for what the Scriptures tell us about God’s purpose for the future. Isaiah 46:10. This accident was unexpected. No one knew it would happen. God did NOT cause it. He does not do wicked things. Job 34:10, 12. God ALLOWS things to happen and he has his good reasons for doing so. But he will end all tragedies and suffering at his appointed time. Revelation 21:3, 4. Sorry this accident happened. Deepest sympathy to surviving family members, relatives and friends.

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