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A red and yellow boil-up.
A red and yellow boil-up.

By Patrick Ferrari

I listened to Comrade speak at an event up in the country last week. I listened to him, too, before that and before that and before that. Man, the man is the Beethoven of colloquialism, a Leonard Bernstein to an audience and a David Copperfield to the opposition.

When I ran that by my wife she was like, “Huh? David Copperfield?”

I said, “Yeah, you know, the man who makes people and things disappear.”

She said to me, “Patrick, my dear, careful now, you are mixing your metaphors. When you mention “Beethoven,” and follow it with “David Copperfield,” people are going to think of the Dickens character.”

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No darling, not I. This truck driver’s mind does don’t default to Charles Dickens straight off – or long off. But she’s right. Always two steps ahead.

So then, to be clear, man is metaphoring about the David Copperfield who makes people and things – and parties – disappear.

The NDP’s nemesis ain’t going nowhere soon; not till he good and dead. Not even in the next 20-whenever elections; whether or not he runs. After that speech, especially, I realize that taking government is mission impossible for the NDP. I think they take up croquet instead.

It wasn’t just that speech. It is the seventeen years of them; of listening Comrade’s guile and charm and to the NDP’s lack of them skills. It makes a mako difference where the “X” goes. Except for the forceful, immovable Daniel Cummings, the NDP is … is … I haven’t figured it out as yet.

Talking about the immovable. I, we, never got around to thanking Mr. Cummings for forcing the government’s hand, with his relentless haranguing, to do something about the reoccurring failure of the new Leeward Highway. The portion from Gibson’s Corner to the Botanical Gardens. The hydraulic engineer not only identified and explained the problem for then – he told them how to do a fix, too. They took their sweet time to kick into action to make it look like it wasn’t his doing. But it was.

There’s still work to be done and it is a little but not too late to say thanks.

Thank you Mr. Cummings.

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected]

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

3 replies on “Talking sweet is not sweet talk”

  1. Well said. As I have repeatedly remarked, the Prime Minister’s not so secret election weapon is the ineptness of the opposition, an incompetence demonstrated every time any of them speaks or announces a policy decision, except one: dropping Taiwan for mainland China, a move that would benefit the country immensely.

    The proof is crystal clear: the ULP has fairly and freely won the past four electons.

    Their most inept position, one they have feverishly been pushing for years, is that we have an exploding crime rate rooted in our high unemployment rate, a position they are unable to substantiate with any credible data.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    In spite of what may have existed, politically, this picture tells at least three other stories.

    (i) …The naturally cultural country-styled life of Vincentians;

    (ii) …A Prime Minster staying close on the ground with ordinary people; and

    (iii) …Bubbling up a pot, presumably, with ‘…dumplings and dasheen or tannia or bananas
    -may be breadfruit too, with sea or river fish.’

    None may harbor thoughts of a pretext or making belief.

    Growing up at Colonarie with this man, this was among the many past-time activities of the younger ones.

    He was in a more affluent position.Back then, they operated the largest grocery shop in the village. Naturally, he supplied most of the ingredients.

    We did the ‘…bubbling’ (Rasta vernacular) and we all did the eating.

    Thanks Editor, reminiscent of the ‘…Good old Days.’


  3. Independence celebrations are over, Drinking alcohol, dancing, and loose sex are put back on the shelf. Ralph has pulled a few rabbits out of his magic hat, All very timely. Ultimately it is the people who have to choose whom they want to rule over them. I will do my best to voice my opinion on the politics of our country because I don’t like the direction that the ULP is taking this country. And, I believe that to be 200% the wrong way. These dudes come (to rob and rape)and sweet talk while giving nothing for free while they are sitting on the phallus of Incompetence. I can see them privately sitting in dark rooms burning incense and drinking blood from broken glasses. while publicly they operate behind a facade of beautiful words and calculated moves. They are sons of bitches. Any successful resistance will need the right people standing firm, saying and doing the right things. Committed people.

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