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Fishers land a catch in St. Vincent. (iWN file photo)
Fishers land a catch in St. Vincent. (iWN file photo)
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Nearly 120 persons were allocated individual lots of lands for housing construction during an event at the Chatoyer National Park at Rabacca, on Saturday — Independence Day.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, in his independence address at Victoria Park in Kingstown, said his government’s programme of facilitating farmers who were accorded leases of agricultural lands to obtain freehold title for those lands, continues apace.

“And many, many farmers have been taking advantage to get the title to their land. I urge them to go to the Ministry of Lands and get on with their own lives with their own title,” he said.

Gonsalves said some 5,000 lots of land have been distributed to deserving beneficiaries since his government came to office in March 2001.

“This is absolutely remarkable. An explosion of housing in this country has occurred among the poor, the working people, the middle-income earners and young persons.”

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He said that visitors to SVG comment all the time about the country’s wonderful housing infrastructure.

The prime minister said that in an effort to boost private sector investment in fishing, his government has decided to accord 100 per cent duty-free concessions to Vincentians purchasing fishing vessels.

“… we have to grow the fishing industry,” he said.

“This will, undoubtedly, stimulate substantial fishing. At the present time, the pirogues, not the big fishing vessels, which use outboard engines, they get 75 per cent duty-free concession,” he said in relation to the concessions that were already in place.

4 replies on “Gov’t hands out housing plots, announces concessions for fishers”

  1. Simply part of the pre-election ratcheting up process.. He could have done all this before but he chose over tax instead.

  2. Much of this land given “free” to Black people is property confiscated from the indigenous people who were subsequently exiled from their their beloved homeland. This government has refused to allow them to return — or even obtain “honourary citizenship” — to regain their stolen property.

    Shame on you, Prime Minister, for refusing to pratice the social justice which you have always preached.

    1. I am pretty sure you are living on capture land also, but it’s not shame on you because what ever you say goes and you are the most important person going around. Why don’t you give the indigenous people back there land and you find your your true ancestral land and start a new chapter.

  3. ULP has pulled yet another rabbit out of their hat. We already know that election trick. You want to rule SVG forever using the people’s own money to bribe them. You want to sell our own products to us. But, we will take the leap of faith like when the Israelites left Egypt. You probably think that you can bribe your way to winning the election because you think that we are stupid and you have us under control. You are dead wrong. We had enough of you Ralf and the ULP government. We want change.

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