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An internet photo of ammunition.
An internet photo of ammunition.
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Police, on Wednesday, netted a cache of guns and ammunition during a joint operation in the Diamond-Brighton area.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph told iWitness News that the guns and ammunition were found during a joint operation involving several tactical units of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said it is the latest of recent successes that the police have had in “taking the fight” to the criminal.

Joseph said that the police are yet to charge anyone in connection with the find, but said their investigations continue.

The deputy police chief said the constabulary is intent on ensuring that all residents of SVG are safe, especially as the Christmas season approaches.

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Joseph told iWitness News that he could not detail offhand the quantity and type of guns and ammunition found.

He said that the police will brief the media at police headquarters at 10 a.m. Thursday.

iWitness News was, however, reliably informed that the cache includes one 357 Magnum and six rounds of matching ammunition, two shotguns and six rounds of shotgun ammunition, one Glock pistol and 23 rounds of matching ammunition, two extended magazines, a mask, and spikes used for climbing.

Joseph said that the police have conducted several successful operations that have lead to the arrest and charge of a number of persons.

He said that as the Christmas season approaches, both uniformed and plain-clothes officers will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that citizens are protected from criminals.

The deputy police chief told iWitness News that police are asking for the patience and cooperation of the public as they will be stepping up stop and search operations.

He noted that the uniquely Vincentian Nine Mornings festival begins Dec. 16.

“We want the public to feel free to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning and go to the Nine Morning festival in Kingstown and wherever they are held,” Joseph told iWitness News

11 replies on “Police seize cache of guns, ammo”

  1. What I find interesting is that whenever unlicensed firearms are seized, little ammunition is seized along with them. I assume that when firearms are smuggled into SVG by boat, the main way they arrive, they come with only enough ammunition to fill a single 10-cartridge magazine in a pistol or the six cylinders in a revolver.

    It seems that our gunmen never think about — or can afford — buying a few boxes of 50-round ammunition, just another example of our now-for-now attitude to life: few of us every think about buying spare parts for anything.

    When we bought a vacuum cleaner some years ago at Courts, I asked about spare filters I was told they would be order for me, a promise never fulfilled. I still have the same vacuum cleaner with the original semi-washable half-decayed filter but dread the day it is no longer usable because replacements are not even available where I live overseas or found on the Internet.

    Now-for-now is how most of us are expected to live … and die.

    1. Forgot to mention that the editor’s photo contradicted the assertions in my comment: there is hardly an illegal gun owner with this much ammunition.

  2. I’m surprised and disappointed at the same time that the comments column for this news article isn’t flooding with commendations for the police for being successful in such a fruitful operation that yielded the seizure of deadly tools that easily had the potential to have rocketed the homicide rate in our country sky high by year end and the following year.

    We are often always too quick and for my part, even too hard on chastising and lambasting the police whenever they perform their duties in a manner unbecoming of them, but we must also in the same manner, commend and encourage them whenever they perform exceptionally well. God forbid and He alone knows what would’ve happened next in our poor little S.V.G had those guns & ammo ended up in the hands of criminals or for whom they were intended for.

    Congrats to the commissioner and the other rank and file of the constabulary. A job well done! Continue to do your very best to keep S.V.G a safe place for Christmas and beyond. May God protect and guide them always as they go about day in and day out on a daily basis to protect us all.

  3. Thank God for that catch.To much killing in SVG. Those guns are off the streets.Lots of lives have been saved.

  4. I am glad, so glad, that those weapons are off the streets…Thanks officers for that raid and I hope that is something y’all will continue to do at ranfor… And with the marijuana ..That’s another story with the cultivation of it everywhere, and it appears as though that is the main cause of retaliation,I sell you buy and paid with counterfeit monies..So no illegal..No counterfeit monies..No killings/ murders…Hope all have a safe Christmas and 9 mornings…Thanks officers.. Please do it again..

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