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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kingstown has announced that recruitment of nurses from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Kingdom will commence on Jan. 22.

All persons who submitted a curriculum vitae (CV) during the application period are being asked to attend a general information session at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Conference Room at 9:30 a.m. next Tuesday, Jan. 22.   

The ministry said there will be interviews immediately following the general information session.

Applicants are asked to bring a copy of their CV and other supporting documents.

Applicants are also advised to be appropriately attired for an interview.

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All pertinent details relating to the recruitment will be shared during the session and the ministry is asking applicants to be on time. 

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at 456 2060.

7 replies on “Recruitment of SVG nurses for the UK begins Jan. 22.”

  1. Our loss is the UK’s gain: these recruits would have been nurtured from cradle to graduation from nursing school by their parents and the state; now that they can finally make a lifelong value-added contribution to our health care system, they are being lost to another country that did not have to expend the huge amount of capital to raise and train them.

    What a shame that we are so hard up for their remittances that we have to desperately send our best and brightest people overseas. Surely, this is a sign of a failed society.

    By the way, what does “appropriately attired” mean?

    1. Most of them will come back eventually. In spite of the problems in the UK with Brexit and the National Health Service, the experience and training they will receive while there will be invaluable to them, in their own lives, and those of their patients. If you have a Nursing degree the world of employment is open to you.

      Google ‘how do I dress for an interview’ or ask at the hospital or Ministry of Health, and have a positive attitude. Good luck to all applicants.

  2. There is an old adage that says, “If the mountain would not come down to Mohammed then Mohammed must go up to the mountain”. Therefore, in this, if there is no Jobs creation in SVG then Vincentians must go out of state for their Jobs, wherever they may find it.

    Indeed, for now on eighteen years, our government’s Jobs creation policy, has been one of gross inertia and great incompetence.

    The country’s entire economic planning strategy has hinged on doing nothing, run our infrastructure down so that it becomes dilapidated and looks derelict. That sure brings in the Grant Aid from the rest of the world and this works for the few.

    Others can cut grass at Christmas while the rest just suck salt!

  3. Marlene Clarke says:

    Someone needs to prepare these potential healthcare workers for a reality check. The racism suffered by thousands of non white healthcare workers at the hands of NHS management and other public sector agencies is well documented. Misrepresenting the sometimes awful reality of working with racist people using racist policies they wrote themselves is setting up the next wave of migrants to the UK for a serious fall.

  4. Are we so much at a disadvantage that we have to accept anything the other side do to us? Don’t we not know better or are we incapable of self determination? Why doesn’t our society mover forward? Why do we find ourselves in this sorry state? what is the reason why we can’t seem to mature. We need to do some serious soul searching and maybe praying too.

    1. 1. The other side — England — is doing this for themselves, not for or to us.

      2. Yes, as a tiny, insignificant, resource-poor country, we are incapable of self determination in an interdependent global community of nations.

      3. Our society has nothing to “move forward” to because we are already at our maximum potential, at least on the mainland.

      4. We find ourselves “in this sorry state” because of historical fate, the wickedness of our slave masters who forced us to come here from Africa, the sins of our “independence” leaders who set us adrift in a sea of hopelessness, and the lust for power, prestige, and privilege among our politicians of all parties who have selected one maladaptive, dysfunctional, or useless policy after another (like building Argyle International airport and borrowing millions of dollars to build hotels) meant only to keep them in office.

      5. As for “maybe praying too,” God has long forgotten about us.

  5. Not only do they need reality check, they also need counselling. They cannot behave rudely to patients and their relatives as they do here. They cannot tell relatives that “he go dead anyway”. It will be nice for them to go and experience nursing in the UK, many of them names will be soon on the NMC website hearings. They will get off here because no diciplinary action is taken against them. When complaints are being made, the response is, They are tired of complaints and don’t know what to do. They will all be in for a shock.

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