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Vincy Motorsports begins their 2019 motorsport calendar this Sunday with the popular Byera Hill Sprint in the community of Byera beginning at noon. 

This road race is the first of several events in 2019, which are geared toward building the drivers’ interest in motorsport. 

The 2019 Drivers Championship will see rally type events including the hill sprints at Byera, dexterity skills challenges, diamond rally racing and the popular regional event BIMMACUP in July. 

A points system will be implemented in 2019 to determine the overall driver of the year. 

The proposed calendar will see action all year long.

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The Byera Hill Sprint this weekend will see participants racing on a slight uphill gradient on the main road, one at a time, in a time trial attack. 

The course measures 1.1km in length with several curves and chicanes to manoeuvre around.  The entrance will be just below the Pamelus Burke Government School and the entrance fee is $5. 

3 replies on “Vincy Motorsports hosts Byera Hill Sprint on Sunday”

  1. Anthony Durrant says:

    Who repairs the roads and terrain that the vehicles churn up and are these done without delay and to an acceptable standard?

  2. Ricardo Francis says:

    Election is around the corner and the Pharaoh leader is using his tricks to entice you, into submission. The people of Byera, I know that you have more confidence in me than the PHARAOH leader. Please remember BALAAM and the donkey in the bible!

    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making.

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