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Over 100 students were interviewed in order to select this year’s entrants into Flow’s internship programme, The Flow Sales Academy.

The 33 successful candidates will benefit from hands-on training for two months while earning an internship stipend plus commission on all sales transaction that they make.

For the past few years, students across St. Vincent and the Grenadines have eagerly looked forward to the opportunity to participate in Flow’s annual internship programme, the company said.  

Flow Country Manager, Wayne Hull said: “For more than six years, FLOW has been recruiting at least eight interns each year for the carnival and Christmas seasons, so this year to move to 33 is a big jump for us and is giving many more students an opportunity to participate. While most of the Sales Academy students spend their time with the sales team, they will also be spread throughout the organization to gain experience in various departments. This initiative most certainly empowers and equips these young people for the world of work as they leave with real work experience and an enhanced resume.”

The 2019 recruitment began in April, and saw the Flow Sales team conducting recruitment drives at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College and the St. Vincent Technical College.  

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The recruitment team consisted of Andrea Liverpool, consumer sales manager, Kimisha Horne, door-to-door manager and Maria DeGrads, products executive.  

The curriculum for the Sales Academy includes weekly training sessions in sales, customer service, marketing & communications, record keeping and reporting. Horne explained: “This was most certainly a big undertaking that has proven to be very fruitful and rewarding.  Getting the opportunity to mould and make a positive contribution in these young lives definitely allowed me to live out our company’s values to change and transform lives.”

The students all have different areas of study and all have very ambitious plans for their future endeavours.  One such enthusiastic student is Kareem Lucas, who said: “This has honestly been a life changing experience for me that I am by no means going to take for granted.  Having the opportunity to work in one of the leading companies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a dream come true even though it’s an internship.” 

He added: “I am working very hard to make a good impression in the hopes of being considered for a full-time job opportunity at Flow.”

Rhea Ollivierre is another Sales Academy candidate who spoke about her experience so far, saying, “This is really the opportunity of a life-time.  I was worried about-facing the very competitive workplace without work experience, and so I am grateful to Flow for creating this opportunity for us.  I have developed patience, perseverance and discipline, which really puts me in a winning position.  Thank you Flow.” 

FLOW encourages parents, students and teachers to be on the lookout for another Sales academy recruitment session coming soon. 

“We will continue to create opportunities like this, and other initiatives geared toward enriching the lives of young people throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Hull said.