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Daniel “Dick” Trimmingham, aka “Compay”
Daniel “Dick” Trimmingham, aka “Compay”

Murderer Daniel “Dick” Trimmingham, also known as “Compay”, has died.

Trimmingham gained national infamy for the Jan. 8, 2003 gruesome murder of 68-year-old farmer Albert “Bertie” Browne. 

Trimmingham, who is said to be in his 60s, died in prison on Friday.

He had been battling cancer and was recently discharged from hospital.

After Trimmingham was convicted of murder, the High Court, on Nov. 17, 2003, sentenced him to death by hanging.
The conviction was secured largely based on the evidence of Felix “Ding” Browne, Albert’s nephew, an accomplice to the murder, who testified on behalf of the crown.

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Browne lived in protective custody for some time out of fear for his life, having testified against the notorious murderer, of whom he had said he was mortally afraid.

Trimmingham beheaded and disembowelled Albert on Albert’s farm in Carrierre, where he and Felix had gone to rob the farmer and steal his goats.

He then buried Albert’s body and head in separate locations on the farm.

In October 2005, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal against the conviction and sentence.
The court, however, gave Trimmingham special leave to argue the matter before the London-based Privy Council, the nation’s highest court. 

On June 22, 2009, the Privy Council commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment.

The court ruled that the killing was not the “worst of the worst” and did not warrant the ultimate penalty of death.

11 replies on “Notorious murderer ‘Compay’ has died”

  1. This is the problem I have with these courts and liberal judges. The hurdle of having to overcome the theshold of the worst of the worst will result in an abolition of the death penalty. The worst of the worst means that one will have to be a serial killer to be qualified to be hanged. This is the reason why the murder rate has grown exponentially over the years.

  2. i still remember this man and this particular case.. I was young when this happened… may he rest in hell.

  3. What our distinguish Caribbean jurists needs to ascertain from the Privy Council, is what is the benchmark, as to what is the definition for the worst of the worst, the law-abiding citizens of our societies will love to know this.

    It seems like it has become an all too familiar remedy for convicted murderers, who seek to escape the death penalty, is to appeal to the highest appellant court of land obviously knowing that their sentences would be commuted to life imprisonment.

    Has the Privy Council in recent years upheld any death penalty murder convictions in the region or any of their Commonwealth signatories of this esteem court? I think not. If it is not the worst of the worst rule then it’s the five-year rule after conviction, which then labels the death penalty to be cruel and inhumane punishment.

    It has become such a sad state of affairs that the rights of the victims and their families have now shifted in favour of the most cruel and diabolic murders in the region and the lingering question that deserves to be answered, has the death penalty been indeed abolished throughout the region?

  4. Can I be honest with myself? I shed no tears for Compay. He was met by Karma at the junction of life and death.

  5. Noone happy for wat he did but readingu all comments hiw many of u all go to church an call u all self Christian ay yhe end of the fay he can go to heaven if he ask god for forgiveness an remember no sin greater dan none u kill u guilty of stealing u steal u guilty of kill so u all plz think positive an let the man rest in peace .

  6. He dead he dead. He will not be eating salt fish tail as the saying used to say when I was growing up. Lrt him rest

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