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Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard. (Photo:
Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard. (Photo:
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The company that leased the Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard from the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has rented out part of the facility but has failed to meet its rent obligation to the state.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves revealed this in Parliament last Thursday in response to a question from Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday.

In his question, Friday noted that in January 2019 he asked a question in Parliament about the rent collected in 2016, 2017 and 2018 from Seafarers Shipyard Group Ltd., the company that leased the premises.

In part, the answer given was that the outstanding amount of rent totalled EC$205,600, Friday pointed out.

He asked the prime minister to tell lawmakers whether the outstanding rent had been paid; how much rent had been collected for the year 2019; and whether any part of the premises had been let or sublet to other individuals or companies.

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In response, Gonsalves said that Seafarers Shipyard Group Ltd., which is owned and controlled by Vincentians, have paid EC$30,000 rent in the current year up to the end of July.

This, he said, is far less than the EC$86,400 that became due in July 2019.

As a result, the outstanding amount has risen to EC$262,000, Gonsalves said.

He said that the chair of the state-owned lessor company has informed him that under the lease agreement, parts of the premises could be let to various tenants and that has happened.

In light of the failure of Seafarers Shipyard Group Limited to meet its contractual obligations, the Ottley Hall Marina Shipyard Ltd, the state-owned company responsible for the shipyard, has taken certain decisions in relation to the company and has instructed its lawyer to take certain positions in relation to Seafarers Shipyard Group Ltd., Gonsalves said.

“Clearly, this state of affairs cannot continue for any longer. There’s been a lot of forbearance. Because this is a group of local investors, you are trying to see how they can get it going and so on but clearly there are serious problems,” the prime minister said.

He said he has to be “careful the extent of the details I provide because I don’t want to say anything here that would compromise any possible legal action on the part of the lessors; that is to say, the state-owned company.

“We encourage and we want to help local investors but at the same time, the local investors can’t not make the requisite payments and I think that as a general principle, we have to be alive that there is no misuse or abuse of state property for private interest.

“I think we will all agree on that but I provide the information that has been given to me in answer to what you have asked, Honourable Leader of the Opposition.”

In response to a supplementary question, Gonsalves said he did not know the terms of the sub lease and the rents that were being collected.

11 replies on “Firm sublets marina but fails to pay gov’t rent”

  1. Why not leave the people there? Just kidding! But why should they get any less consideration than the Buccama Crooks? Why was there more tolerance for them…….foreigners?

    1. If there is any truth to your suspicions Jolly Green, it would tell us very much. It seems if you have a Venezuelan Citizenship you are even higher than a Vincentian. Remember when Venezuelans were involved with the killing of the Customs officer(s) on Union Island and our government let them go, without an investigation or trial?

    2. B Sc. Sociology with a minor in International Relations says:

      Mr Green, I was wondering the same….what became of the Venezuelans who were managing the Marina??

  2. The Ottley Hall Marina tek een, again. From day one, the marina was a cancer that was impervious to government and party and their players, each – separate and together. It still is, which is evident from this article. We’ve seen this malaise before; and we are going to see it again.

    Paul Cyrus made a damn good go of it, given his meagre budget. But no, a Cyrus does not fit a cancerous situation of this type. He was an oddball in that setting; too uncomplicated; too honest; and too bloody decent. Oh, I forgot, too efficient. So out he went.

    I am told that he is making a damn good go of what he is doing in Mustique. No surprises there because Mustique don’t mess around. They know who can produce. And that’s who they hire. Not chase.

    So, what’s the problem is now? Read the article. But mark, it is the same entity and players of the same ilk that went before. So, WTF they expect? A different outcome?

    You’d be reading like this article 12, 18 months from now. As we’ve read like it 12, 18 months ago.

  3. All this continuous contentious crap rises and falls like the ocean. There is so much wrong today it is difficult to point at what’s worst. This is probably among the least of our problems.

    Some of what is raised is little more than a smoke screen, or something to make us look in the wrong direction when something much worse is happening.

    This regime is among the worst in any Caribbean country ever. Certainly following in the footsteps of Cuba and Venezuela is it seems part of the overall plan.

    Can anyone tell us who the current players are and their names, it will be helpful in an analysis of relationships to the regime leaders.

    Letting property owned by the state and therefore the people, should always start with proper due diligence on the main players. A failing that is all so common in every deal SVG does.

    There are a long list of bad people as investors, partners and tenants, under the ULP.

    After all a hundred thousand or so is nothing like the hundred million being discussed at the moment.

    I must ask again, what happened to the $15 million that we got from Gadhafi, where is it, where did it go?

    Is the comrade to blame? of course he is, according to him he is in control of everything. So if he accepts the awards and rewards for the good things and successes, he must also accept the condemnations and blame for all the wrong doing that happens.

    1. Good comment, as usual Jolly Green. Ralph IS in control of everything in SVG, to include most court decisions. Of course he only takes credit for the good things and he blames the present and former NDP for the bad. I know of no leader in the world that has more control of everything in his jurisdiction than Ralph. He should also take credit for the high crime and unemployment and terrible roads. For that he can’t blame the NDP so he blames the weather or maybe the Global Economy, but PLEASE do not look at all those nations that have improved thier economies! Then he blames our “very limited resources” Singapore has even less resources and yet they are per capita the wealthiest nation on earth! The master of deception will make you look the other way so you do not see his incompetence.

      “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”…or…the elephant in the room.

  4. The only local person that can make a difference with Ottley Hall Marina is Mr. Bryan Hadaway of The Industrial Marine Services fame. But, Naar, He does not support the ULP and he will not do ‘cutbacks.’

    Stop complaining about whats happening and not happening at the Marina, We like it so! As the famous saying goes, “eat yo cake and shut yo mouth…”

    1. Dear Mr Wankie, please try and be respectful when you come here. Most of us do not like such comments.

      But I do agree with you about Bryan.

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