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Curtis Bowman, the New Democratic Party's caretaker for Marriaqua. (iWN Photo)
Curtis Bowman, the New Democratic Party’s caretaker for Marriaqua. (iWN Photo)

The opposition New Democratic Party’s (NDP) caretaker for Marriaqua, Curtis Bowman has presented himself as an evangelist who has been converting supporters of the ruling Unity Labour Party.  

Bowman, a Seventh-day Adventist, told the NDP’s 41st convention rally on Sept. 29 that it was no coincidence that he got to sit next to the Rev. Scrubb — who prayed at the opening of the event — because he believes that in his political journey nothing happens before time.

“My political journey has been like an evangelist and in 2010, I began a political crusade in Marriaqua and have been doing a lot of work there,” said Bowman, referring to his entry into politics, when he suffered the first of his two electoral defeats.

“And in 2015, we have, in Marriaqua, one of the largest altar calls for the ULP supporters and they are now making up their minds and I can guarantee you that in 2020 or whenever the elections are called here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we will be having the biggest political baptism in Marriaqua because the ULP supporters are now converted to the New Democratic Party and they are coming home under the leadership of Dr. Godwin Friday,” Bowman said, referring to his party leader.

Bowman said that the electorate is ready for a new government.

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The NDP will go in the next polls with Friday as its leader for the first time since it was voted out of office under the leadership of Member of Parliament for East Kingstown, Arnhim Eustace, who stepped down as party leader in 2017.

“With our leader, Dr. Friday, as prime minister of our country, we will, once again, be united and every single Vincentian at home and abroad can rest assured that we will have hope for the hopeless. We will be seeing one nation, one people, one Vincy,” Bowman said.

The ULP’s Girlyn Miguel defeated Bowman in 2010 and in 2015, he suffered the same fate at the hands of first-time candidate, St. Clair “Jimmy” Prince, also of the ULP.