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The accused police officer, Corporal Derek Humphrey. (Photo: Facebook)
The accused police officer, Corporal Derek Humphrey. (Photo: Facebook)
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The police officer charged with rape of a 15-year-old girl has been granted EC$8,000 bail.

Corporal Derek Humphrey was granted bail in that amount with one surety when he appeared, in camera, at the Family Court in Kingstown on Thursday.

He was ordered to report to the Questelles Police Station on Mondays and to have no contact with the virtual complainant.

The matter was adjourned to February 2020.

Humphrey is alleged to have raped the girl in his vehicle on Sunday after picking her up from a house where she had gone, overnight, reportedly to avoid sexual abuse at her own home.

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He is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 64-year-old woman who lives at that same house.

Humphrey has been suspended from duty pending the outcome of the court matters.

17 replies on “Cop on rape charge granted $8,000 bail”

  1. Holy crap what an ugly man, that alone should find him guilty.

    Having said that, why would such a person charged with such a serious crime be given bail, has our judiciary gone crazy?

  2. Wow the accused face alone looks like fecal matter. Where is the real father? If he was involved on the child ‘support life that could have been averted. It’s time for VincentIan men to man-up to their responsibilities and stop being sperm donor.

  3. The law should be changed for situations like this if convicted the penalty should include chemical castration.

  4. In cases of one word against another, do we have the necessary forensic skills, and equally the D.N.A testing kits in order to carry out a true investigation and establish truth in this matter?

    Indeed, we do appear to be finding serious moneys in order to shore-up an extra UN mission, in a grandiose gesture, to save the world, but will we be able to save the day in establishing the truth here. And if proven to save this child from further abuse?

  5. If what is alleged is true the cpl must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He especially was put in the position to protect and serve the people of svg not the opposite. This is giving such a bad reputation to the hard working officers of the svg police force and I’m confident the commissioner stand for such lawlessness on his watch and will make sure he’s treated the way he deserves and will get no special privileges because he’s is police officer.

  6. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    Assaulted a 64 yr lady, this person is a Seniors Citizens how can he has the mine heart and soul to do such thing?. He needs to place behiind bar.

    1. In SVG, 64 years of age for women to be sexually assaulted is pretty young, some as old as 80 and 90 have been raped and molested. And at the other end three year old children as well.

  7. Jolly the issue is really not one of beauty, but the alleged crime so don’t get confused with the issues. They are not one and the same. That statement shows the shallowness of your thought process. How can we then trust you contributions without much scrutiny.

  8. Where is her mother? Who in her home was trying to sexually assault her? It is a shame that people who have sworn to uphold the law are the ones breaking the law. What a shame and an insult to the 15 year old victim to give bail to the criminal for $8,000. EC. Which judge allowed that? I hope adequate therapy will be provided for the child to help her deal with the trauma and lifelong scars from this overgrown man. The justice system also had rendered a blow to her. I hope her mother is actively pursuing every avenue that will ensure this man does not get a slap on the wrist. My prayers are with her and those who are part of her support system.

  9. The accused is said to be the body guard of a high ranking police officer. According, he may escape penalty. A big fish in a small ponds drome. This statement is far from being libelous.

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