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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves is expected to wrap up on Saturday an official visit to Russia.

Gonsalves left SVG for Russia on Monday, accompanied by his wife, Eloise Gonsalves, Jinelle Adams, minister counsellor at the SVG High Commission in London, Ellis Phillips, first secretary at the UN mission in New York, Station Sergeant

Godwin Charles, the prime minister’s security officer.

The Office of the Prime Minister, in Kingstown, said Gonsalves will be involved in a series of discussions with Russian government officials on mutually agreed issues.

He will also participate in two forum activities — one on sustainable development, and the other on climate change.

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16 replies on “Gonsalves on official visit to Russia”

  1. Even though the Ruskies have abandoned their Communist past, there are those old adherents of pseudo ideological Marxism like Ralph Gonsalves and his pals in Cuba and Venezuela, who like extinct Dinosaurs, continue to cling onto an unworkable relic for the personal benefits they derive from peddling the “red” ideology, they being unaware of how much the world have changed.

    Before Putin took charge of the new Russia and after the collapse of the Soviet system, Russia could not even afford to pay its sailors. As with Venezuela today, where the citizenry walks the streets looking for a Dog, a Cat or a Pigeon to eat in order to stave off painful hunger. If you do not believe this is so then watch this video!

    But while the Gonsalves travers the world in their deluded and grandiose aspirational family quest, and rats overrun our schools, many Vincentians too, could well do with a few square meals a day! Or even a Job!

    However the “Redshirted Marxist system” that Gonsalves supports and have thrusting upon us in SVG, it is very much alive and well in his beloved Cuba and Venezuela today wit all of its terrible.anti-democratic defects, violence and pain.

    Perhaps it will be our turn soon to walk the streets very much like that hungry fellow in the Video above, if we as a people continue to be so foolish, so as to allow these red shirted individuals to have their way with us and the country!

  2. So soon we’ll see big belly Gonsalves rubbing shoulders with Vladimir Putin. I wonder if the Russians will publish it as front page news like here? How will this help the people of SVG? because it is taxpayer money that is paying the bill. What exactly is he going to do there? Personal whims! Big Belly Gonsalves will soon want to visit north Korea. He already met Trump, had a photo-op and that didn’t change anything for the ordinary man, woman or child in SVG.

    1. Prime minister, do you know what Russia did to Ukraine, their closest neighbor? All Ukraine wanted was for their right to self-determination be respected? Putin annexed Crimea and started a civil war responsible for shooting down a passenger airline. Putin annexed parts of Georgia. Putin gassed a theater full of people in Chechnya. Putin has systemically eliminated all competition and threats to his regime. Our PM joined ALBA. I doubt most Vincentians know who those people are.

      1. Dear r,

        (We make this comment here as an email to the address you use on the site failed to deliver this message. This is a general response to your comment and not this comment in particular.)

        While we welcome your comments and those of other commenters on the iWitness News website, please note that we do not publish swear words or defamatory statements. Further, one can make a comment without being demeaning of the subject of that comment.

        If you can comply with these guidelines, it will improve the speed with which your comments are moderated and help to protect us from potential lawsuits.


        Kenton X. Chance
        Executive Editor

  3. Not even Jeromy Corbyn, a known diehard socialist, and his motley crew of equal Marxist diehards, up there in the UK, would be ever so dishonest so as to travel from one foreign city to another, in an opulent way, if there were such severe and prolonged unemployment in his home country as we have here, and worst, thus give his reason for travel, as climate change discussions.

    Yet we have in our Prime Minister, Ralph Gonsalves, one who appears to be doing absolutely nothing about our staggeringly large unemployment ratio, other than beg the world over for income support, while our poor stock of poor people get poorer and poorer, though he get larger and larger while globetrotting on a mission pertaining to climate change and world security.

    Moreover, while he is wedded to his commitment to a large Government, and one who engages in a “Tax and Spend” policy, Vincentians however on the other hand are sucking salt, since his “Tax and Spend policy” have impoverished us and has brought us nothing but deprivation, hopelessness and quite easily foreseeably, extensive joblessness.

    One would have thought, that while the examples of Cuba and Venezuela is ever before him, they through their population’s desire to emigrate seeking better lives, being good evidence of the failed economic policy outcome of the policies which he Ralph Gonsalves advocates, such would have crystallised his thinking, but no, not one bit of it. He, his family and his crew plods on nevertheless.

    The most sad outcome is we however are greatly burdened with both he and his family’s incompetent rule. His boast to us of his great enviable brilliance! He boast to us as to how brilliantly bright he is and how wonderful his years in office has been for us, though we as a nation constantly beg our way across the globe. Economics we now know are sure not his administration’s strong point and even worst his truthfulness.

    An example of Ralph Gonsalves’s type of economics and admiration in state rule, is indeed Venezuela, where the socialist free, free, free policies, lead to great migration, inflation, violence, and pain.

    Be it in Africa, the Caribbean or the Americas, the same representative charlatans could be found spinning all of the same yarns at election times. Yarns about which free items to be had but in reality only those who rule truly gets the freebee and they never tell us about the rampant corruption.

    Guatemalans demand arrest of outgoing president for corruption. Jimmy Morales’ immunity will lapse for just a few hours on Tuesday before he’s sworn into Central American Parliament.

    Angola ex-president’s son remanded on corruption charge: Jose Filomeno dos Santos, aka Zenu, remanded in custody in a $1.5bn ($4.05 billion XCD) corruption case, according to state prosecutor in 2018. The son of Angola’s former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been remanded in custody in a $1.5bn or ($4.05 billion XCD) corruption case, a state prosecutor said.


    “Africa’s richest woman and British-educated daughter of Angola’s former leader has part of her £1.7billion ($6.001 billion XCD) fortune frozen and claims her family is being ‘victimised’ by the country’s new president in corruption crackdown. Jose Eduardo dos Santos’s 38 years in power were synonymous with corruption, nepotism and authoritarianism”.

    When members of a family are questioned over the salting-away of over $10 billion dollars in secret, one has to wonder, what on earth the people of the state were doing during that family’s rule. Like Vincentians waiting for the freebee.

    Contrast the above with the past UK’s Government of Margaret Thatcher. The Woman Who Saved Great Britain.and as she would, say of these so-called socialist “the socialist just loves spending other people’s money”.

  4. Given that Big Bely Gonsalves have all these friends in high places and is highly respected around the world, How come we don’t have a bunch of foreign investors in our Country or factories, even several fruit-juice manufacturing plants. For all the fruits we have year-round in SVG? Or textile factories for at least a minimum wage. Or canned good factory. Even a nuts and bolts factory. Or Affordable machines with which to earn a living and so we could care for our families? 40 years after independence. Why we can’t do that? Why haven’t we done something like that? Answers: we’ve done that and then nobody got paid for Christmas, couldn’t pay their rent. (in a fit of anger and frustration killed themselves drinking cheap rum) What do we pay these crippling high taxes for? Helipads at the Airport? Ralph, I could empathize with any human being in from of me but with you, I have a really hard time.

  5. All of a sudden BBG gone Russia. Last he flew to Luxurious Dubai too, where a coffee cost US$20. How come he’s never been to the White House? Or to Ottawa ? Or visit the Queen whom is still loved in the West Indies?

  6. Gonsalves is sure getting greedy. Putin is th÷ last person for him to get involved with. That’s the bext hitler who will destroyed the world.

  7. You ask how much we owe JOLLY, well dear ask Ralph Gonsalves “the wise” and his family but don’t ever expect a truthful answer when dealing with this family and their regime. It’s like dealing with a bar of soap in the shower or an eel under a stone in the river.

    This bunch borrows money as Venezuela did, and as if money was going out of fashion, they do this in order to stay in power even though we have no assets to mortgage. They tell you that they are socialist but not even the poor gains under Marxism and socialism, as history has profoundly shown us.

    Indeed, Vincentians ought to become a little wiser than we have been demonstrating to ourselves of late. Wisdom does not appear to follow us Vincentians very well as we have been behaving in a very docile and pliable way lately and are more like a flock of sheep, being bullied by one fat sheep dog.

    For the Red shirts in our midst, though deluded, they are convinced to think that heaven will be found here on earth, yet Venezuela tells us another story all together! Departure from the country have reached one million, two million, three million, four million, five million and rising. Over five million people so far. Yet Vincentians are being dragged by the Gonsalves extended family down that same road into economic disaster.

  8. Oh Venezuela and that holiday pork giveaway, Russia, SVG and Venezuela. A question needs be ask. Was our man to Moscow merely an errand boy for Maduro? Was he the monkey for the organ grinder or was he there with a begging agenda of his own?

    Where on earth is that FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL?

    “Venezuela’s ‘pork leg’ politics highlight Russian influence. The intrigue surrounding pork legs points to the intersection of forces shaping Venezuelan life in 2020”.

    The “forces shaping Venezuelan life in 2020: a battle for control of parliament, severe undernourishment, United States sanctions, and Russia’s growing influence in the South American country”. Should we expect the same influence here too?

  9. If Ralph Gonsalves has removed from leadership today, how difficult will it be for those replacing him to repay the monumental debt brought to SVG by him.

  10. Well Jolly you ask a very pertinent question. In a talk given at the Heritage Foundation listen to this leading academic detail “How Socialism Destroyed Africa” and quite obviously read in the same for the Caribbean, since the same scamps tends to get into office here. How Socialism Destroyed Africa

    But as to our spiralling debt, bawy, Crapo guine smoke we pipe sooner dan later! Nevertheless, de sooner de man an im family skedaddle, de better fo we!

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