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Member of Parliament for South Leeward, Nigel "Nature" Stephenson. (iWN file photo)
Member of Parliament for South Leeward, Nigel “Nature” Stephenson. (iWN file photo)
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Member of Parliament for South Leeward, Nigel “Nature” Stephenson says a New Democratic Party (NDP) will construct a national indoor sports facility in Campden Park.

“… it has enough space down there as the spokesperson and the shadow minister for sports in the New Democratic Party said, that is an excellent place down there for a national sporting complex, an indoor sporting complex,” Stephenson told the opening of his constituency office in Campden Park on Saturday.

“I’ve already identified it, I’ve talked with a number of people who have the know’-how, the technology the skills, to erect this kind of thing and they said to me, ‘The place that you have identified is the perfect place for an indoor sports facility.”

Stephenson, who is seeking a third term in office, said that persons would be able to use the facility at night also.

“Every one of you would have the place. The Nature Boy and the Democratic Party will deliver it for you,” Stephenson said.

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“What I want to do is, with the New Democratic Party, to ensure that the idea that we have in our mind comes to reality.”

This is not the first time that Vincentians are being promised an indoor sports facility.

In October 2010, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced that the Old Anglican School Annex, on Lower Bay Street, Kingstown would have been converted to an indoor sports facility.

This government is yet to deliver on that promise and the building still houses the school annex.

The property was once a glove factory and Gonsalves said he had authorised the National Lotteries Authority to purchase it from National Properties Ltd.

Meanwhile, Stephenson said that the government was asking the people of Bolomy, a Campden Park community, to pay S$5 per square foot for lands in an area that floods when it rains, even as a government minister was sold lands — apparently elsewhere — for $1 per square foot and the government had sold lands to citizens at 10 cents per square foot.

“You tell me if this is a government that really cares about the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and in particular the people of Campden Park,” said Stephenson, who also complained about roads in the area.

He said that the people of Campden Park should vote for the New Democratic Party, “recognising that the government doesn’t care about you.

“This is a government that wants to pressure you because you have committed the ultimate sin. And what is the sin you have committed? Because you have always stood with the New Democratic Party.

“…. I’m saying to you, there’s precious little to look forward to from the Unity Labour Party.  To have a better quality of life, you must vote for the New Democratic Party,” Stephenson said.  

4 replies on “NDP promises indoor sports facility in Campden Park”

  1. Thom spoody says:

    It would appear that the comrade may have worn the colourful dress at the NDP’s dance and has even played his own tune to their music but doesn’t that in itself is equally called ‘opportunism’ as well? Well for all I know, all that is part of the ‘political jabs and punches’ that we would normally expect from politicians during the running up to an election season.

  2. Secure the funds if you believe this would benefit the community( with jobs and beautify the community and make it attractive for business, like fixing the roads and access, that type of thing). I believe that if you can measure something you can influence it. So get your data straight and get to work with your billboard and agenda. Rearrange some priorities. I’m sure you are a busy man and you must be multitasking but keep your eye on the ball.

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