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Vincy nurses

From left: Leshoan Castello, Nerisa Malcolm, Atisha Franklyn, K-Danna Charles, Marva Michael, Krisna John, Sir Louis Straker, Sasheen Wright Leslie, Romancia Bobb, Renecia Daniel and Alexandra Small; (partly hidden) Khadesha Bailey and Aneak Joseph. Meshca Thomas is not in the photo.

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Thirteen Vincentian registered nurses are now in the United Kingdom to take up employment after successfully landing contracts to work at various hospitals in the U.K.

Initially, 21 nurses were scheduled to take up jobs in the United Kingdom, however, due to technical challenges, the remaining nine nurses will be a part of the second cohort on this contractual agreement. 

Many of the nurses, prior to being selected, were unemployed.

Nurses 2
From left: Romancia Bobb, Sir Louis Straker, and Marva Michael.

The nurses left St. Vincent on Monday and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker was on hand to see them off.

Sir Louis expressed his passion for this recent initiative, and encouraged the young professionals to capitalize on this opportunity.

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He also urged the nurses to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in an exemplary manner.

The successful effort to find employment for nurses in the UK is a collaborative effort of Health Education U.K., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the SVG High Commission to London.

7 replies on “13 Vincy nurses take up UK jobs”

  1. I’m glad for them as they will learn a lot I was warded at Milton Cato and the behaviour of some of them was horrendous.

    I wish them all well still.

  2. Smile Sir Louis Straker, because is this a case of, glad to export our own nurses to Britain and import de Cuban ones, because wah, you know what, the Cubans are two a’ penny and we can’t afford to pay our local ones?

    Nevertheless, any way they are better off in the UK where they will find the rule of law, better pay, and a very developed society, nah one ruled by a tyrant.

    Chaa dread! Hope dem get de chance to teck dem familyup daay to carse ono ah mess dread!

  3. kelly greaves says:

    What sense does it make to educate your nurses and then send them off to be beneficial for a next country? S.V.G government is like a donkey tied on one spot for years and months. You wasting the country money to educating you nurse to be and inheritance to other country. Foolish pm. Now i know liar dont have sense.

  4. Not ah good time to fly off to the UK !! Especially to work in the NHS ( Uk hospital) , please nurses defer this decision!!!

  5. Dee, l agree with you. I hope they will let those here know how to treat patients and their relatives.

  6. Percy Palmer says:

    I am not to sure this is the best time for them to go to the UK. Many doctors and nurses have died from the virus. They didn’t have the resources to keep them safe.

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