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By Anthony Stewart, PhD

In this season of Lent, let us all reflect on our shortcomings, infractions, misbehaviours and sins. Now is a good time to confess and repent. Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more.

Sodom and Gomorra refused to repent and perished. Lot and his family had to flee for their lives. Mrs. Lot could not focus on looking ahead and did not escape as a result.

Nineveh repented and the whole city was saved.

Now back to the main story as recorded in the court records of St. John 8:1-11.  Apparently, the man escaped, and is still on the loose. Have you seen him anywhere? He is wanted not only for adultery but also for a long list of infractions:

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  • Wife beating
  • Rape
  • Sexual molestation
  • Thievery
  • Embezzlement
  • Lying
  • Groping

Was she a willing participant or a victim of circumstance? Having been caught, she endured a shameful trial. The eyewitness account was incontrovertible. Two or more witnesses established the facts. Their report may have been corroborated by the doctor’s medical report. Semen was available but no DNA testing was done. The forensic scientists took no interest in gathering the evidence that may lead to a conviction of the coconspirator.

She may have been advised to bathe and wash her clothes. The rape unit of the police was not notified. The woman’s guilt was certain. She knew that the men owned the country, and they owned the jobs, and has now come to the realization that they owned the women. She reflected on her present condition and certainly some may think that she needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist at the mental health centre if one was available.

The unanimous verdict of the jury was guilty as charged and because there was no room for discretion according to the sentencing guidelines, the automatic sentence of the judge was death by stoning

This heinous crime of adultery was so abhorred by the community that there was no shortage of persons willing to carry out the execution. But for the intervention of Jesus, this sentence would have been carried out speedily. The requirement of the executioner was that he be without sin. While Jesus wrote, he awaited the executioners to come forward. Some speculate that he wrote their sins, which may include:

  • Workplace abuse
  • Requiring sexual favours for employment or promotion
  • Habitual falsehood

The Conclusion of the trial.

“Woman where are thine accusers? … Doesn’t anyone condemn you?”


“Go and sin no more.”

Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are both in prison

Jeffrey Epstein and Judas Iscariot committed suicide.

The Me Too Movement is exposing many, but the man who has committed this crime of adultery; the coconspirator in this case is still on the loose. Anyone with any information that may lead to his arrest, conviction and repentance may provide such to the nearest prayer station.

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