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There is now no confirmed case of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Minister of Health, Senator Luke Browne said on Friday night that a repeat test for the patient who originally tested positive was negative.

On March 11, SVG confirmed its sole case of the virus when a Vincentian woman who had returned from a trip to the United Kingdom tested positive.

Browne said that the Ministry of Health has done 31 tests in all. Only the one on March 11 was positive.

All but one of the tests was done at the Caribbean Public Health Agency Lab in Trinidad and Tobago, and other test was performed at the Bes-Dos-Santos Public Health Laboratory in Barbados, the minister said.

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Browne said that his ministry will be able to do test in SVG “in due course”.

“The target date for the commencement of this phase of testing is April 6, 2020,” he said, adding that the necessary equipment and supplies have already been ordered and should be in country by next Friday, subject to delivery arrangements holding up at a time of supply chain disruptions.

He said his ministry has identified a testing site away from the lab itself because of space requirements and we have also lined up training for laboratory personnel.

“The capital cost associated with the development of our testing capacity is roughly $300,000.”

He said that he recently saw an article that stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had authorised the first rapid point-of-care coronavirus test.

“This is a promising development with the potential to substantially alter the dynamics of the pandemic. You may agree with me that it would be a very different scenario if, for example, a traveler could get a rapid test before embarking on a journey,” Browne told listeners.

He further said that the work on the Isolation Centre is progressing well and is on track for completion by mid-April. 

“The total project cost  — property purchase, construction, equipment and supplies — is about $3.8 million. The NIS (National Insurance Services) is helping out with a donation of $750,000,” Browne said.

7 replies on “SVG now COVID-19 free”

  1. Tell the NDP members that in big writing so that they dont stsrtbgetting vincentian scared for their own gain. Friday and leacock should hush their trap. They lucky I am not in saint vincent. Foolish remembers of <the opposition. They are sure looking for trouble down there. You all just start praying and let the island flourish and be virus free. Let god be praise.

  2. We can all hope that the virus never hits us in a big way. The government is doing a great job so far. Testing is, of course, very important. The social distancing is very important but what they are doing in some of the banks and supermarkets seems to be premature at this time. I would suggest they ease-up on that until we really do have confirmed cases. It seems MUCH EASIER to require people to wear protective masks and possibly gloves instead. I bought a box of gloves from a pharmacy for 20 EC after going to a pharmacy where they were charging 5. EC for 1 pair! I should turn them in for price gouging! Masks and gloves will NOT stop the virus but it will slow it down from spreading and just the wearing of a mask and gloves will keep reminding us to be careful. We may be less inclined to touch our face while wearing gloves and it is impossible to go all day in any city or town without touching anything.
    It is even possible that we do have the virus here but in a much milder form. I know people that I have never seen sick but are at present showing strong cold symptoms. In any case, the world has not yet reached peak. It will not be over by Easter in the USA as Trump hopes. It will not even be at its’ peak by then. Life in urban areas will not again get substantially easier for anyone on earth until the virus can be contained everywhere on earth.

  3. So we going to wait until the testing equipment arrive to conduct training for laboratory technicians to to the testing? Nuff said

  4. I hope that after this, whoever is in charge will build some laboratories in SVG. Right now we are still at the mercy of Trinidad and Barbados. No wonder, when jackasses running the country. I want to know what qualifications Luke Browne has to be the top person in charge of the nation’s health? NDP should tek alyo courts for malpractice, mismanagement, and abuse of public funds. I’m sure fraud and embezzlement are in there too. Why does the ULP always take advantage of the weak? Because they can, and we allow them. Our country is not faring well under these ULP con artist, who for years trying their best to keep the people oppressed, and SVG lacking and begging. Shit.

  5. How will we know, if we’re not testing as the rest of the world are doing, I do prayer to God that when we start to test as the rest of the world are, that our numbers don’t go up, good job guys, we’re the only country where there was not an increase in the number. Thanks be to God

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