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Last night (at 9:46 p.m.), St. Vincent and the Grenadines registered its third confirmed case of COVID-19.  It is also another imported case, the Ministry of Health said Friday morning.   

The positive result was one of two results returned. The other result was negative.

The sample, which tested positive was taken from a male patient who had travelled to SVG from Barbados on March 18, 2020.

The patient had placed himself under voluntary quarantine from the time of his arrival in SVG.

He developed symptoms on March 29 and informed healthcare workers about them on March 31, at which time a sample for COVID-19 testing was taken from him.

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The patient, who is a Vincentian national, has been in isolation under close monitoring by health officials since the sample was taken. The process of informing the patient and any possible earlier contacts has commenced. All additional public health measures will continue including the implementation of additional quarantine where necessary.

The public is reminded to continue to practice the basic but highly effective public health measures of hand hygiene, cough etiquette, physical distancing and strict adherence to quarantine to keep us all safe from COVID-19. The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will continue to keep the public informed as we manage this public health challenge together.

7 replies on “BREAKING: Third confirmed case of COVID-19 in SVG”

  1. Let’s clarify something the Government is NOT managing this public health challenge. If they did there would be restrictions on movement like every other country in the world. Being proactive and closing the borders early would have been the right thing to do instead of waiting until the virus arrived. This was another pathetic example of the hang back, fraid to act approach we see here. Money cannot buy your way out of this disease, Cuba sent 16 medical personnel to SVG and St Lucia gets 113 of them to help…..why are our families lives expendable?

    1. Although it is obvious that we have to take drastic measures now, I believe that MOST of what the PM was doing 2 weeks ago was appropriate. I do not think he should have encouraged travel or large gatherings, but to shut all ports would have been even worse, because all Vincentians and people from ALL countries are allowed to return to thier native soils, it would not have stopped the virus. What I did not know is that the quarantines were “voluntary”. THAT WAS A BAD MOVE! As we all know, there was a woman that was infected running around Kingstown and elsewhere, NOT complying with the quarantine. There are irresponsible people everywhere but that woman takes the cake! I thought the government was enforcing the quarantines. Since they were/are not, I think they have to share the guilt with this woman. It would be a miracle if we do not see many new cases of the virus in SVG in about 2 weeks.

      Closing the borders would have done NO GOOD because she would have been allowed to come back anyway because she is a Vincentian and lives here! It is the fact that quarantines are NOT enforced that is the problem! I guess this woman had a mission to spread the “joy” to everyone. She should face prosecution for her selfless act! But what do we do to the government for not enforcing thier own quarantine?

  2. Clinton James says:

    You saw what happening now? 7 cases of corona virus. When I talk they think I was joking or have some kind of hate against the pm. All I was trying to do is to protect the country and the people from being infected. I said it and I will say again. Pm Ralp is a big old jack ass. This man don’t have a bit of common sense. Knowing the books and the law doesn’t mean you have common sense. I am not that stupid to see someone don’t have no love for the country or the people and still be a follower. This man is moving like president Bernom and his follower will die like a fool with him.

    1. Hashtag Prince says:

      “Pm Ralp is a big old jack ass. This man don’t have a bit of common sense.”

      It is truly unfortunate that you would find it your sovereign duty to assault the PM in this manner.
      You lack integrity and common decency.

      Your blatant disrespect leaves the question to be asked, “who is really the jack ass?” You have no right to be verbally abusive or descriptive towards the PM in this unwarranted fashion.

      Come on man! You can disagree without losing boundaries.You can disagree without being disrespectful. Think twice before you insinuate and prostrate.

  3. Hashtag Prince says:

    “Pm Ralp is a big old jack ass.”

    How uncouth and disrespectful of you to insult the Prime Minister like this. I think you are the jackass instead because you show no example for younger ones and no moral decency as a man.

    Mr Clinton “Jackass”, people like you make me ashamed. Where did you go to school, “Jackass High?”

    What audacity you have to assault the nation’s leader like that? Come on man, respect is due. Being the brilliant jackass as you are does not give you the right of intent to insult the Prime Minister of SVG or any other country for that matter.

    You are an indecent character, Mr J.
    You have no sense of balance. You can disagree without being disrespectful but your tongue us longer than your tail.

  4. While I respect a person’s right to freedom of speech and expression, I do think that we all should have some dignity in the way we express ourselves. Clinton James, do you think you can be more respectful to the P.M. in the terms you use to describe him? You do not have to agree with the P.M. but you can show him respect in the same way you want him and others to respect you. Matthew 7:12. Even though Pontius Pilate did not do the right thing but handed Jesus over to be killed, Jesus showed him respect. The apostle Paul respected the ruler Festus, calling him most noble, even though Festus told him he was mad. Acts 26:24, 25. So it will be nice to be polite to the P.M. and to people in general. Make God happy by using pleasant expressions. Proverbs 27:11. This advice goes to all who use degrading, disrespectful expressions about others.

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