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Detective Sergeant Philbert Chambers was shot and killed on April 26, 2020 in Campden Park. (Photo: Facebook)
Detective Sergeant Philbert Chambers was shot and killed on April 26, 2020 in Campden Park. (Photo: Facebook)
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A rising star of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force was shot and killed in the line of duty Sunday morning.

Detective Sergeant Philbert Chambers, who distinguished himself after being dispatched by the Criminal Investigation Department in Kingstown to the Questelles Police Station some years ago, was shot and killed in Campden Park.

Commissioner of Police Colin John and other senior ranks confirmed the death of the officer.

Police say that Chambers — who is in his late 20s — was shot by Gleason Lewis, who had been a person of interest to them for some time.

Chambers and other officers from the Questelles Police Station went to Lewis’ home Sunday morning in an effort to apprehend him.

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Lewis is said to have opened fired, mortally wounding Chambers, who later died.

A senior police officer said that other officers responded to the shooting, and were also met with gunfire.

Lewis was shot and killed in the process.

John told iWitness News:

“Chambers was a very hard working officer. He was very dedicated and left no stone unturned in his investigations.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police Trevor Bailey said: “Chambers was like a son to me.”

In addition to his detective work, Chambers was instrumental in the leadership of the Questelles Police Youth Club, through which he organised many activities in his attempt to keep youth in that police district away from crime.

Chamber is the third police officer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to die this year.

On April 10, Police Constable 342 Daniele Daisy, of Old Montrose, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where she was being treated for an illness.

Daisy’s death follows that of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Daniel Hall, who died on on March 3, after a period of ill-health.

31 replies on “Police sergeant shot, killed”

  1. My condolences to Chamber’s family . Indeed he was a dedicated and committed youngman. He worked with me So I can attest to his diligence

  2. It’s about time our police officers wear bullet proof vest when carrying out search warrants in homes, and other duties of this nature. An Innocent life taken just doing his job. My God! When would guns cease on the streets of St Vincent and the Greadines? One less criminal down. Still can’t being back the life of the officer.
    Condolences to his family, also. Hope his soul rest well.

  3. This is terrible news. My condences to his family and the SVGCF and the RSVGPF where he served with distinction.

  4. Tammika Mc Kenzie says:

    Bailey is no longer asp, he has been sop quite a while now (this is not for comment, just for info when you update the story

  5. Wow, Vince is the bona-fide wild wild west. Citizens are bound to be afraid.,not even covid 19 can stop the crime spree.

    1. Definitely have to add to your point in this day and age oficers going after persons with firearms and don’t have no bulletproof vest. Do the powers that be ( the commissioner of police and the government )expect officers to be bullet proof. This is very hurtful what happened to this young officer and someone should be held accountable.

      Other Caribbean forces have issued every single police officer with a bullet proof vest, why must SVG always be behind in absolutely everything.

  6. Martin Greenidge says:

    My sincerest condolences go out to the family, colleagues, friends and senior officers of the R.St. Vincent & Grenadines Police Force….at this most tragic outcome…May God keep Sgt Chambers in His Care.R.I.P….Insp Greenidge randall members of the RBPF…

  7. Martin Greenidge says:

    My sincerest condolences go out to the family, colleagues, friends and senior officers of the R.St. Vincent & Grenadines Police Force….at this most tragic outcome…May God keep Sgt Chambers in His Care.R.I.P….Insp Greenidge randall members of the RBPF…

  8. Condolences to his family and the St.vincent and the Grenadines Royal Police Force ..May his soul Rest In Peace and his legacy lives on he died an unnatural death just doing his job keeping the country safe from these criminals .

  9. Condolences to the Family.
    St Vincent & the Grenadines have no gun manufacture why is there so many guns? we need to do a better job.
    Run the serial # of the gun before a permit is given and get the history.
    Gun and bullets are being stored in the bottom of barrels in a mixture of dog and cat food, we are finding a lot in shipments going to the islands so please be on the look out when searching barrels.

  10. Our deepest condolences from my husband and I in Canada. We so sad to hear of the death of one of your wonderful police officers, we are grieving with you. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is our second home!

  11. Bill Johnney says:

    My thought and prayers goes out to the family and colleagues of this slain officer. He died a national Hero. He sacrificed his life for the safety And protection of others. May his soul rest I. Eternal peace. Stay strong my fellow officers, never forget the oath we all took to protect and to serve, even in the face of death. Be courageous and strong.

  12. May his soul rest in peace and God will comfort his fellow officer and family at this time of his death.

  13. Jackie Baisden says:

    Dying while on the call of duty is very devastating!!
    May his soul rest peacefully in heavenly places.

  14. Annice Browne says:

    This is very sad, and to what Ive read “only the good die young” my condolences to all Chambers family and friends at this sad time..

    Lessons learned: SVG police should be given bullet proof vest and helmet to carry out dangerous duty.

  15. i don’t have any sympathy for mr lewis or anyone who deliberately kill our police officers doing their lawful duties regardless of their mental state is no excuse !! he knew how to shoot to kill he took the life of a guardian Angel over us all the other officers did what was to be done he will never hurt or kill anyone else my deepest Sympathy to the Family of our Hero mr officer chambers and to the entire st Vincent and the grenadines police force may God ALMIGHTY protect and guide you all as you try to make st Vincent and the grenadines safe again for All !!!

  16. Amos Greaves. says:

    We’re they not bound to make a risk assessment before going to the call of duty? If not it shows how unprofessional the RSPF is. They have to been up to date with modern police call of duties. An innocent police life could possibly been saved. My condolences, brother may he rip.

  17. Gunman tell me we here you get your gun from you must have bought it in a foreign land. Sad that the RSVPF is possible outgunned. The likes of these crimes wehich are committed has never been seen before. Just a question, is it illegal in St Vincent to wear a bullet proof vest for your own protection?

  18. I so agree wit u mr Greaves…. Our Police need more training… U go into someone’s house to execute a Search y one of the police Wasn’t Guardin mr Lewis tell me… Dey are so Slack smh… An all of u who say dey shud b wearin a Bullet Proof Vest ask urself dis.. Can a Bullet Proof Vest Save u from a Headshot??
    Police officer lost his life on Duty d senior officer on duty shud be Responsible for mr Chambers life…

  19. Ossie Garraway says:

    This is a double tragedy.My sympathies go out to all ligit peace officers who put their lives on the line for too do I feel for my teacher Glasley Lewis and Marsel Robertson Lewis.Losing a son in such circumstances must be unimaginably painful.I share your heartbreak and grief.Stay strong with the help of Jah.

  20. Ossie Garraway says:

    MR Amos Graves comment is unfortunate ,let us not go down this negative road.these unfortunate events happen everywhere

  21. My sincere and deepest condolrnces go out to the the family of the fallen officer and his colleagues

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