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Another case of COVID-19 was confirmed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Wednesday, according to a post on Minister of Health Senator Luke Browne’s Facebook page.

“5 new results reported (one positive and 4 negative), one additional sample sent off for testing and an additional 14 persons entered quarantine,” Browne said in the post, shortly before 10 p.m.

The 6 p.m. update from the Ministry of Health had put the number of positive cases at 16.

This means, according to the minister’s post, that the number of positive cases has risen to 17.

The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) which issues update on test results was yet to make a statement.

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At least four of the 16 persons who tested positive for COVID-19 in SVG contracted the illness locally.

6 replies on “Health Minister announces another COVID-19 case in SVG”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    Lord take the wheel. Look how Ralph Gonsalves carelessness is destroying SVG. The persons who brought the virus here I am sure they have all recovered. After almost a month of no commercial flights into SVG why are we still having positive cases? Something is not right at all.

  2. Smh really I would keep stressing that we r not hearing enough about this thing . the powers that be need to be more informative.

  3. Concern for my country says:

    When mismanagement of the economy is easy what makes one think that this covid 19 virus situation will be any different, there’s nothing transparent about this government, only time will tell but from the bottom of my heart I wish all the best for my country with the covid 19 virus.

  4. Covid disaster says:

    The hotel and tourism sector is bleeding in a sea of red. Not a word from government on plans to stop the hemorrhaging. Hotels and businesses will soon be going into bankruptcy, outdated labor laws punish the employers if they are forced to lay employees off because of no revenue. Having to pay severance is ludicrous when there is no money coming in. Oh and btw, I am pretty sure that the new hotels that were coming to svg is not going to happen anytime soon.

  5. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    I have heard lots of complaints about minimal information coming from the Government and I agree that is so. But on a broader front it might be our luck to be living in the tropics as more and more information is showing that vitamin D makes a massive difference in outcome for Covid-19. A study out of Indonesia, which appears to be good science, shows that people with normal and above (?30ug?) are likely to suffer only to a degree of 10% of those who fall under the normal. So if one person with normal vitamin D dies, 10+ persons in the less than normal vitamin D will die.

    Obtaining vitamin D by supplementation or from food, fish, meats work almost as well as sunlight, which is best.
    Spread the word to your relatives in the USA, Canada and UK where the sun shines only at a glance and also there is no pharmaceutical company making a killing off vitamin D, consequently hospitals and doctors get no extra compensation for pushing vitamin D supplementation.

    My questions for the Government:
    (2) When are you going to shut down the 2020 Carnival? Why has it not been done by now?
    (1) Of those who tested positive, how many have subsequently tested negative?

    Stay safe everybody

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