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Vendors sell produce in Kingstown. (IWN file photo)
Vendors sell produce in Kingstown. (IWN file photo)
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Vendors in Kingstown who are registered with the town board could be eligible for income support under the government COVID-19 stimulus package.

Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves told a press conference, on Wednesday, that persons in the informal sector are eligible for interim assistance benefit

“If you are a vendor, and you are registered with Town Board — my understanding is that there are about 600 such vendors operating in St. Vincent and Grenadines — you are also eligible for $200 a month … for three months in the first instance…”

Many vendors in the nation’s capital have seen a drastic fall in sales as fewer persons are entering the city, while those who do, spend shorter periods as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The finance minister said that the situation would be reviewed after three months.

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Gonsalves said: “If you are registered with Town Board, you apply at Town Board starting on Monday, when there’ll be a form to fill out, they will establish that you’re registered with Town Board, they’ll make the necessary evaluations and you are eligible for $200 a month for three months.”

4 replies on “K’town vendors to get income support”

  1. I doubt very much that many will benefit from any of these subsidies because of the applied rules that are designed to exclude the majority of those that need it.

  2. The majority of vendors in Kingstown are not registered with The Town Board and will get nothing.

    Those that are will have to up to date with there market fees etc., most registered are not, the COVID 19 pandemic has left the unable to pay. Hopefully their fees have now been suspended, but most owe for a period before that.

    The people who most need help will not get it, any excuse not to pay will be found and applied.

    I have had no feed back on people who are ULP getting paid regardless, if any one has any news on that front please let us know.

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