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One of the 22 Vincentians who returned home from the British Virgin Islands on May 6 has been placed in a state-run quarantine facility after breaching his in-home quarantine.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves made the disclosure on Monday on Star FM as he urged the 91 sailors who returned home on Carnival Glory on Saturday to observe the 14-day quarantine.

“All of them have court orders but the others are given orders on the amendment of the Public Health Act, the one which we just passed on April the 7th to go to their homes,” he said of the sailors.

Under the revised law, a person can be charged up to EC$2,000 for breaching the quarantine and for each day on which the breach continues.

Gonsalves said:

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“I just want to use this opportunity to advise all of those quarantined at their homes if they do not stay in the quarantine, the police will come and pick them up. And we’ll take the action in accordance with the order as what happened on Friday night.”

He said that one of the 22 persons who came home from the BVI earlier this month decided to leave his home Friday night.

“And we have a network where persons are being checked. And the police went for him and put him inside of a state facility for 14 days,” the prime minister said.

“So we are urging everybody [to] just obey the quarantine because we have a system, we have a structure. And in addition to that, there are people in the community who are calling the hotline and who will say if John Browne or Tom Jones, or Mary Campbell… whether they are following the ordered quarantine,” Gonsalves said.

2 replies on “Vincy who returned from BVI breaks quarantine”


    a custodial sentence should be imposed on these folks who still continues to break their quarantine, we need to find a place where they wont be a risk to anyone else and impose a good 6 months sentence on tese people, if the health authorities can confirm that someone who knowingly has aids go out having unprotected sex, that person can be imprisoned for reckless endangerment, why cant these people be treated the same? time enough people take this thing for what it is.

  2. Across the Miles says:

    I applaud the Government on this move. Stupid idiot, Please people, don’t be selfish. Just comply and keep the nation safe.

    Thank you

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