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A Jeremie Tronet image of the fire in Union Island on May 19.
A Jeremie Tronet image of the fire in Union Island on May 19.
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Two students and a 72-year-old man suffered first, second and third degree burns and were rushed to hospital in St. Vincent after the fuel station in Union Island exploded Tuesday evening.

Lindini Neverson, l2, sustained second-degree burns about his body while her Union Island Secondary School schoolmate, Shaniqua “Azaria” Alexander, 17, sustained second and third degree burns.

Freddy Naert, 72, the owner of Freddy’s Gas Station, where the explosion occurred, sustained first degree burns about his body.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service transported the trio to Kingstown, where the nation’s main health care facility is located.

Police said that they have launched an investigation into the inferno, which took some four hours to be brought under control, but continued to produce thick steam also 10 hours after the blaze began.

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The Union Island Fire Station was alerted at 6:40 p.m. Tuesday to an explosion at Freddy’s Gas Station located at Clifton, Union Island.

The gas station was engulfed in flames that rapidly spread to a number of nearby buildings, resulting in VINLEC, the municipal supplier of electricity, cutting power to the area.

“In a coordinated effort, the fire was brought under control by personnel from the Fire Department at approximately 11 p.m. but it remained visible up to 4 a.m. on Wednesday,” police said.

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A truck is said to have been delivering fuel to the service station when the explosion occurred. (Image: Jeremie Tronet)

At 6 a.m. on Wednesday, firefighters were still on the scene addressing heavy steam coming from the foundation of the buildings and surrounding areas within the vicinity of the explosion.

iWitness News understand that a truck was delivering fuel to the service station when the fire occurred.

Radio Grenadines, which is based in Union Island, said on Wednesday, “several buildings were destroyed by fire”.

“With the help of numerous residents on Union Island and local firefighters, the fire was contained. One nearby building, the Roots Connection Culture Club was destroyed in the blaze,” the community focused media outlet said on its Facebook page.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, police said, adding that an update on the status of the injured persons would be provided in a subsequent press statement.

Jeremie Tronet provided iWitness News with the following footage of the raging inferno:

9 replies on “Three in hospital after Union Island gas station explosion (+VIDEO)”

  1. Bernadette M Ambrose says:

    I do not think the original statement made about the coordination of the firefighters the fire was brought under control. From what I have heard from eyewitnesses, the young men of the island saved the island. I am not saying that the firefighters did nothing, but those young people are heroes. So let’s give them the praise and thanks for their bravery. Let us be sure to thank them openly.

  2. Let’s invest in the things that can make a significant changes to the Healtcare system. I recommend investing in a medical helicopter to ease and assist patients travelling from so far to seek medial attention. Why are we still using the Local Coastguard to do these stuff?Are they trained to assist in major burns to persons etc? Employ local pilots to fly what am recommending and ensure we have medical personell on board to assist critically injured people. We are living in modern times many countries are upgrading so can we in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I thank you!!

    1. Winnie Francis says:

      I strongly agree. We the people of the Grenadines need strong representation. The idea of a Medical Helicopter and trained health care professionals is of paramount importance.

    2. The helicopter would sit so long in the salt air there would be more death,the patient the pilot and the nurse.

      1. Hazel Weekes Regis says:

        A medical helicopter don’t necessarily have to be stationed in the Grenadines and plus it can be used by the whole country or even nearby islands in need. It doesn’t even have to be an island service but service regionally because most of our health services are shared.

  3. (More Blues.) Condolences to Union especially the families who’ve lost love ones in this. I wonder if we will ever find out what went wrong and who is responsible? No safety inspector? Pick the next in line and so on I’m sure you will end up at the court jester we have for a PM.

  4. kewanna hackshaw says:

    RIP freddy. And lindani of clifton union island
    Hope zara gets the money to seek medical attention we the people of union island are fraying for the families

  5. I pray for a miracle for the young girl, and comfort for the families that has lost loved ones, may their souls rest in eternal peace

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