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Police supervise the removal of the body on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
Police supervise the removal of the body on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
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A night watchman at Windsor Primary School was found dead on the school compound on Tuesday, with his hands and feet bound and stab wounds about the body.

Police say that a cleaner discovered the body of Henry Neverson, 56, of New Montrose around 8 a.m.

He is believed to have been killed overnight.

The body was in the patio of the colonial style building that houses the private primary school, located next to the Botanical Gardens in Montrose.

Windsor Primary 2
The scene at Windsor Primary School where the body was found. (iWN photo)

Police further said that there were signs of burglary on the compound and the staff had reported at least one electrical appliance missing.

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Neverson had been employed at the school for around seven years.

His death brings to 17 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 2020, according to police statistics.

11 replies on “Night watchman killed at private school in SVG”

  1. So sad, he was trying to earn a living and someone who is not interested in decent earnings took his life meaninglessly.

  2. Black on black crime will never end. So THEY tied him up why kill him, Because he could’ve id’d THEM? BLACK PEOPLE need to realize we have one life to live & when we take a life we’re affecting many more

  3. This is so absurd. Please police, let’s work towards capturing that perpetrator (s).
    You have to kill to thief?
    Please Mr. PM bring back the noose. YOU LIVE by the SWORD, DIE by the SWORD. THE BIBLE PROFOUNDLY STATES THAT.

  4. This is Real Madness
    These [people] If Caught shud b Sentence to Death
    Rip Henry knwn u frm since i was a Kid

  5. I think the government should punish murderers by giving them 50 catonine whips every month for the rest of their lives. Let them live out their jail sentence in pain and suffering, because if we kill the murderers, we would be giving them peace from pain and sorrow.

  6. Nievet Isles says:

    They kill and they relax in jail while our hard earned money feeds them. They should be hanged publicly.

  7. I really hope they find these top class idiots who killed this Watchman. A man properly doing his job is murdered for absolutely no valid reason. EVERYONE MUST keep a sharp lookout for anyone who may be a known bad character individual, who may be selling an electrical appliance. If spotted, immediately call the police who can follow up in their quest to find the murderers. Thankfully, Almighty God will remove all wicked persons at his appointed time. Psalm 37:9 to11.

  8. Richard John says:

    My Mother was born in Kingston nearly 77 years ago now I was born in England nearly 57yrs now such a beautiful Island I 1St saw in 1973 please Island People I wanna live there to retire so respect your fellow citizens & get back to your roots, no coronavirus no deaths also please

  9. Whenever this sort of thing happens I notice that I have an opinion much different than most:

    At the core of all this there is an element of poverty. Some of these murders would not happen if we had an economy that offered more jobs. We need to institute SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS that lowers taxes and duties for businesses so that more are encouraged to start and run legal enterprises and the lower taxes will bring lower costs and we may be able to export one day. All of this will create more jobs and better opportunity than thieving from those that earn thier money honestly.

    Maybe one day we can become a “Singapore of the West”. Singapore has some of the world’s lowest taxes and SVG has some of the world’s highest.

    No wonder Singapore is the wealthiest per capita nation on earth and SVG is near the bottom.

    The government has to stop thier “need for greed” and instead get richer by making the economy (people) richer!
    Maybe it is why Singapore has virtually NO violent crime and we have high violent crime.

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