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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
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Investors in the medical cannabis industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines scaled back production and reduced staff by as much as three-quarters as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar told Parliament on Monday that Cabinet has approved 38 traditional cannabis cultivators’ licenses, 10 groups of traditional cannabis cultivators comprising of over 150 persons, 13 farmers who are not traditional cannabis cultivators, and five local investor companies, and 17 foreign-based companies.

“It is important that we address a very important practical issue that has taken place, since COVID-19. Many of the investors who have the technology and significant resources have been unable to travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Caesar said.

“Of course, they had their forecasting. They had their plans and their inability to come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and they are not operating in economies which are isolated from the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19.

“Many have decided to scale back production; some have cut their staff by up to three quarters and until we are aware as to when they will be able to travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it leaves many questions to be answered,” Caesar said.

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He said that the medicinal cannabis authority is in the final stages of completing its lab, which is 95% complete.

This would enable the required testing to be done in-country.

“The focus is on medicinal and this begins and ends with science. Once the standard operating procedures are in place, applications will be made for international accreditation. This will certainly improve the marketability of medicinal cannabis produced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Caesar told lawmakers.  

8 replies on “SVG’s ganja investors cut staff, scale back production”

  1. Caesar, keep in mind that Vincentians can’t eat grass. Get home owners to plant vegetables in their back yards. Teach them how to produce compost with the garbage they create. They can burn the trash and use it as manure later. This will also cut back and down on the garbage found all over SVG. You were thrown out of tourism because Ralph saw you looking and getting big. He wanted no competition for Camillo. Now you have an opportunity to look good in what used to be a dead-end ministry.
    Get out you cutlass and travel the country and help people to plant what they eat and eat what they plant. People planting their own food-stuff can help control Diabetes. No dasheen, which is SVG biggest producer of sugar that brings on diabetes.

  2. Calliaquaman says:

    Hyped and Reality (Truth) Truth always Win

    Hype promote or publicize ( product or idea) intensively, often exggering its importance or benefits:

    Hgpe up : To pulicize someting or someone in an ggressive tone, possibly, unwarrantd, manner. (Lying Way) lie to the one, falsely, white lie.

    Hyped. To stimulate, excite, or agitate , over promise, over selling the products, and services (goods)

    The hyped: (ex, Money, Money, Money. Make believe)


    Reality is the Quality of being Real or True.

    Truth will always expose the Hyped.


    Medical Marijuana

    Black Sand Project

    Housing and people money

    Medical complex at Georgetown

    Electricity project

    Medical Services in SVG . Are you satisfy with it ?

    Road projects


    Education Revolution.

    Budgetary Estimate

    Agriculture and fisheries


    You be the judge . Hype or Reality

    My to cents.

  3. This ganga talk is a hooks lots of the farmers done sell what they planted to other market but not for what it was intended for .who fooling who ?

  4. Urlan Alexander says:

    Where were these investors planting marijuana so that they cutting back now? Like everything else the ulp pit their hands to this is a big flop. People are seeing everyday the failings of Ralph and his minions.

  5. The bubble has burst the gold-rush is over, there is overproduction in almost every producing country in the world, and there are many.

  6. The minister of labor doesn’t have any labor, neither hard not soft, or office-jobs for that matter. The young people in SVG have been tamed. Show them a young face and win them over while the man behind the face is quite old. Alyo legalize weed and then confiscating it and fine people for having it.
    I know alyo talking bout medical marijuana (CBD is one of the most expensive products in the world) but we all know when you have abundance it will spill over. Did alyo ever stop to think what this legalizing weed do in the population? Like alyo doo know how fo do research. I go hear bout alyo.

  7. Well ah wonder what they going grandstand on for the election? Tourism, Ganja, Geothermal, Rain Forest, Buccama, Black sand, Modern city at Arnos Vale, AIA??? All have failed!!! These are but ‘Cross Country roads!!”

    Ooooh True the New Court House building that will employ 1000 vincentians and yes, the trucks are lining up at ‘Public Works’ to collect the Building materials for distribution, The PRYME monies that ALL applications are approved by Cabinet, not a body!!! These applications are approved by politicians!!!
    State resources are squandered in an election year!!
    The Covid -19 assistance is given to vincentians with the impression that they are doing them a favour!!

    Well this is STATE resources and SVG is NOT the only Country that has this initiative in place.

    People need to read and not just regurgitate what comes out of Ralph and Camilo mouth.

  8. Fidus Achates says:

    What a sad state of reality for this current administration. It is like they’re in an exam room with the invigilator there and they corresponding, sharing all of their answers when the invigilator is not there and they forgot there’s a camera in the back of the room seeing what they doing. I tell you them Nah done cheat the VINCENTIANS and stop telling all them lies and now they really realize that they were caught red handed cheating the test just to passed but they still failed. Sad sad sad

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