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The registering officer, Vibert Pierre, captured in a video Exeter recording during the exchange last week.
The registering officer, Vibert Pierre, captured in a video Exeter recording during the exchange last week.
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The registering officer, who discontinued the registration of voters in Barrouallie after an opposition politician refused to leave the area, has declined to comment on the incident.

“I have given a report to the Electoral Office, so I suggest you talk with the Supervisor of Elections because I have already given my report,” Vibert Pierre told iWitness News via telephone Monday evening.

Benjamin Exeter, the New Democratic Party’s candidate for Central Leeward in the next general elections, said on radio on Thursday that Pierre had previously allowed him to observe the registration process in Layou, but took a differing position in Barrouallie last Wednesday.

iWitness News indicated to Pierre that while we had spoken to the elections chief, Dora James, she was not present when the incident occurred, and, therefore, it could be helpful if he gives a perspective on what transpired.

Pierre said:

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“I really don’t think I want to go down that road, sir, because I have given my side and I’ve spoken the truth as to what took place there, so — I mean — I think she would say the same thing that I would have said because based on the report I have submitted.”

Pierre said that since the incident, he has been “dragged down into all sorts of things”.

“People — I mean — who were not there, they would say all sorts of things and then everybody taking sides but I know that what I have said, I have given an accurate record of what took place.

“But I don’t want to — I have given my report to the Supervisor of Elections so I am suggesting that you can get the information from her.”

James told iWitness News separately on Monday that Pierre’s report was that Exeter was “was in the registration centre and he should not have been there”.

She said that while Pierre had admitted to allowing Exeter to be in a hall in Layou where registration had taken place, he was not comfortable with the distance in Barrouallie.

Pierre therefore asked Exeter to leave, and ended the registration process after a call to James, when the politician refused to leave.  

7 replies on “Registering officer declines to comment on Bagga incident”

  1. Yoh ah talk bout runway slaves ah survive up ah England, Canada an America. Well dread, me say we yah ah out ah de frying pan of slavery but wah, we are eena de fire of politricks and more salt sucking dread! Carse wah, we dunce dread! We well dunce. An im se we dunce dread!

    Carse wah! See how im as de puppet master ah control things dread. Im know wah strings fo pull fo control we. Ah likkle kile here an a likkle kile there! Wah, even an office jab there too. One sack ah cement an a few lengths ah timber can do de trick.

    Ah who! Plantation life nar go goway soon dread, nat while de puppet master an im family have we under master control! But waay yoh ah go do? Wake up?

    1. Well Nathan, I can tell that you didn’t drink the (ULP) cool-aid either. I’ll be in SVG soon so we might be able to get together and discuss the underhanded tactics used by the ruling Elite.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    Mrs James is who told Mr Pierre to stop registration. Med James you’re beginning to slip into the political realm of things SVG. My advice to you is to stay nonpartisan in the performance of your duty as SOE. Do not do the bidding of [others].

  3. Hashtag Prince says:

    A wise man Mr Pierre, my hat off to you.

    You show respect for your Chief Electoral Officer as you have submitted your report.
    You saw no need to rant and rave. You proved yourself to be a responsible and focused
    man above the exuberant Mr. Exeter.

    You understand protocol and respect.

    I give you 100% with distinction. Respect to you my brother.

    I hope the Doc (Friday) calls Ben Exeter to account on this matter and recommend a public apology.
    It should not be taken lightly, as his behaviour reflects on his party.

    No need for loose canons at this juncture.


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