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Customers of St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) will see a significant decrease in the fuel surcharge rate applicable on bills for July 2020.

VINLEC said this month’s rate is 21.12 cents per unit, the lowest in the past four years.

A rate of 21.01 cents per unit was applicable on bills issued in March 2016, the company said.

The July 2020 fuel surcharge rate represents a decrease of 21.86% over the June rate, which stood at 27.03 cents per unit.

Similar fuel surcharge rates in the range of 20 cents per unit prior to 2016 was during the year 2009, the company said.

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 The fuel surcharge rate covers the cost of the fuel required to produce units of electricity.

“VINLEC encourages customers to continue to use energy wisely. The company remains committed to providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity of the best quality and value,” the company said.

2 replies on “Fuel surcharge rate down 22%”

  1. If i was a billionaire i would have buy every household in svg an off the grid solar system and closed down vinlec,the eye water of poor vincentians is on them,when you have a wicked company like that as the monopoly they can do anything they feel like,i talk to several persons passing in a van to cut a simple tree for months the lines almost grew in the trees and they not even care,vinlec is like covid 19 a bad disease thats hard to get rid of.

  2. Election coming so everything is made rosy. How in the world does paying your electric bill become a chore? The little that people earn is either taxed out of their pockets while they a being overcharged and underserved. I am going to write to Human Rights Watch about this. Almost everything under this administration is outrageous. God help our people especially the 50% jobless youth.

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