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Jun Abbott, left, died Saturday morning in Langley Park after being shot by police and Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway is said to have been shot and killed by another civilian in Block 2000 Sunday morning. (Internet photos)
Jun Abbott, left, died Saturday morning in Langley Park after being shot by police and Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway is said to have been shot and killed by another civilian in Block 2000 Sunday morning. (Internet photos)

Two men were shot and killed in separate incidents on the weekend, one of them at the hands of police officers and the other by another civilian.

On Sunday, police responded to a report of a shooting in Block 2000 (Old Montrose), where they met a resident of the Central Kingstown community dead with what appeared to be bullet wounds.

Police have identified the dead man as Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway, 28, of Block 2000.

iWitness News understands that Hannaway has been contracted to trim a yard in Block 2000.

He is said to have gotten into a dispute with another person, who reportedly shot him about 8:45 a.m.

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Meanwhile, a man died in Langley Park on during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning after being shot by police.

In a statement Saturday night, police said that sometime between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. that day, a group of police officers were returning from “a function” when they saw Jun Abbott “who is known to the police, walking along the Langley Park Public Road.

“He had what appeared to be a gun in his right hand. The police alighted the vehicle, identified themselves to the deceased and shouted, ‘Stop and drop your weapon’.

“The deceased did not obey the police command, but instead – turned around and open fire at the police,” the police public Relations & Complaint Department said in the statement.  

The statement said that the police officer returned fire and the deceased began to run.

“The police gave chase after the deceased. Upon reaching in front of his place of abode, the deceased turned around and again opened fire at the police. The police returned fire and shot the deceased in his right thigh.

“The deceased then ran to the back of his house, scaled two walls and escaped from the police. A party of police officers from the Georgetown Police Station later joined in on the search for the deceased. His body was subsequently found in some bushes approximately 400 yards from his house,” the police statement said.

The statement said that an autopsy will be carried out on the deceased to ascertain the cause of death.

“A coroner’s inquest will also be conducted to look into circumstances under which the deceased died.

“Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John expresses condolences on behalf of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police (RSVGPF) to the family and friends of the deceased,” the statement said.   

8 replies on “SVG records two shooting deaths”

  1. The fabrication of this story is BS y’all Officers need to learn to corroborate y’all stories more professionally if y’all really gonna try to lie .Mind you ,I was once a police in Svg I know the BS y’all be doing and I wasn’t no station police I was in one of the leading Units at the time the most feared Unit .yall officers young officers need proper training before they put weapons in y’all hands (Real talk)

  2. It would appear that some citizens who have a licensed gun use it as a means to intimidate , kill or maim and not for the protection of life and property, which is the ultimate objective. There are far to many instances in St Vincent of citizens after having granted the right to bear firearms use it unwarrantedly on other fellow citizens. The alleged killing of the Cuban nurse is a good example. Better screening should be done with respect to issuing of firearms.

    Partisan politic should not be one of the criteria for granting a license to bear arms. A certain individual in Dauphine often boasts that he has a licensed firearm. The police also should be required to wear body cameras to document their interactions with the public. We see the power of the camera, as in the case of George Floyd. It is high time that body camera be a requirement for our police for to warrant further scrutiny and accountability.

  3. Please don’t judge me says:

    I’m not buying the police story… where is the gun… …??? He is known to the police… so the police saw him and train their gun on him… and without thinking the guy Panic and ran . he jump over few walls and the police caught up with him shot him and kill him.. and leave him there… make this story up……. and have other officers looking for the man… knowing he would be found …. the story was made up because they had no gun to show the man open up fire at them at anytime … let use logic in this scene …. how far away from the police the guy was when he was ask to stop and drop his weapon…and how far away he open up fire on the police… .. smh… this is what I believe happen….

  4. Up to now they can’t find the […] gun but d boy did have gun i vex because i kno they […] lie kill the boy innocent innocent for what I dont kno but I pray what goes around come back around them police they need to get some kind of darm punishment i aint k who they be because they didn’t care wen they kill councy i vex he aint even bin fu go down 6ft under so quick jus to bomb dem wicked ass up it really hurt me councy was a good fren an one of the realist I praying pon alyo policemen who kill councy

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