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Incumbent Member of Parliament for West Kingstown, Daniel Cummings. (iWN file photo)
Incumbent Member of Parliament for West Kingstown, Daniel Cummings. (iWN file photo)
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West Kingstown Member of Parliament is proposing a tourism facility on the ridge between Ottley Hall and Walker Piece, saying the area offers “a magnificent view point” that is 360 degrees.

He said this can be developed among the projects to improve the road network in the constituency.

Cummings is seeking a third five-year term as MP for West Kingstown and will face Senator Deborah Charles of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), who is making her second attempt to unseat him.

He told the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) virtual campaign rally on Thursday that he did not want to talk about roads in the constituency.

Cummings said that since former MP John Horne, an NDP member was voted out of office in 2001, “there has been zero development of roads in West Kingstown”.

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He said there is a list of more than 30 pieces of road to be done in the constituency.

‘We have prioritised them and when the West Kingstown manifesto comes out, you will be justly proud, because we are not putting into our manifesto, airy-fairy projects.

“We are selecting the projects that we can execute within the first five-year term of an NDP government. That is what we are about,” Cummings said.

“And I give you one bit of assurance, every piece of road that is critical for your livelihood and development would be included in that. And wherever [then-prime minister] Dr. [Godwin] Friday chooses to put me, in whatever ministry, your business in West Kingstown will be looked after with a hawk’s eyes. I tell you this: you don’t ever have to worry about that.”

Cummings, an engineer, said that, for him, it is a “a singular honour to be able to use my own experience and expertise to be able to help people prepare projects so that when we get there we can hit the ground ready and execute these projects using the people of the constituency. 

“Wherever NDP is going to build a road in this country, the people in that community must get wuk (work). No longer would we be bringing one set ah people.

“You know, there’s something about this group of people. Is only one family for them they count. One family must get everything and a few of their friends. That is why we are suffering so today.”

He spoke about a link road between Ottley Hall and Lowmans Bay and Campden Park, which he has frequently proposed to Parliament be constructed as an alternative route to Kingstown.

“… this is a main road, not a fly-by-night road. That is a top priority to link Ottley Hall with Gun Hill and branch it on the other side on the ridge between Ottley Hall and Walker Piece, Upper New Montrose.”

He said that an NDP government would not just be building roads, adding that on the ridge between Ottley Hall and Walker Piece is “a magnificent view point there.

“We want to turn that into a tourism product. You would not believe the quality of the view on that ridge. It is a 360-degree view, all around. When we make that access road, we are going to put up the facilities there where you can buy food and drinks and souvenirs, where you can look into the telescope and see people in the Grenadines from that panoramic view. I guarantee you no cruise ship passenger landing in Port Kingstown would remain in the ship when that site is available to them.”

Cummings said an NDP government would “deal with Fort Charlotte”, adding that since he became a member of parliament in the days of Rene Baptiste as the Minister of Tourism, the government had been talking about repairing the bridge there.

“We’re still seeing it in the Budget year after year. We’re still hearing talk about restoring Fort Charlotte. When last alyo go up there and see how that place run down? We’re going to create a proper museum up there. We’re going to fix the road. We’re going to make Fort Charlotte a viable tourism product in this country.”

Meanwhile, he said that the NDP would rehabilitate the Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard.

“The restoration of Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard… that will create quality jobs for a number of people in this country.”

Regarding job creation, Cummings said that some people say the NDP is only talking about jobs for the youth.

“Yes, young people have the highest level of unemployment among them. But there are lot of adults who don’t have jobs too. So we’re creating jobs for the nation. That’s what that is about. Priority, young people, yes, but jobs for the people of this country.”