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Andrew Phillip King
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Police are asking a man who breached his COVID-19 quarantine to contact health authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines immediately.

Andrew Phillip King, a British is strongly advised to contact the Health Services Subcommittee of the National Emergency Committee/COVID-19 Task Force, Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment immediately.

Police said on Thursday that King arrived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Dec. 28 and was staying at a quarantined certified hotel.

He later left the hotel without authorisation from the health authorities.

“Members of the general public are advised to take the necessary precautions if they are to come into contact with King,” Police said.

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18 replies on “Police searching for man who breached quarantine”

  1. Maybe he didn’t want to pay for hotel.
    If the government want people to quarantine there then they should pay for it.

      1. If hotel is expensive for the visitor, then you the tax payer should pay for it. and when the virus hits the vincentian and he dies then the visitor should pay for the funeral. I think that is a fair trade off.

    1. This is a sad comment. The government didn’t tell us to travel. We made that choice. If you were the government, would you pay? Wherever you go in the Caribbean or the world for that matter the individual is responsible for their own accommodations.

      1. People travel to other countries but they are not forced to stay at a government approved hotel and to pay exorbitant fees. What happened to the facility government said they built at argyle? With all the covid money government received, should at least subsidize part of the cost. Those 10 days in a hotel is ten days in prison. That is killing the same tourism industry they are trying to keep.


  3. To be very honest the government should not be responsible for paying for his stay at a hotel to quarantine because all in all it was his choice to come here he was not forced and he is expected to put all those things in place…pay for your own hotel stay and follow all covid19 protocols or don’t come at all and put everyone here at risk.

  4. Smh.. going to SVG right now is like going to be imprisoned. Not everyone who comes home has money to pay for quarantine. Some people save for years before tbey can make it trip home, so to spend that money on hotel quarantine is insane.

    Why can’t we figure out another way to do it? It’s a deterrent.

    1. Don’t have money to stay in a hotel, it now becomes part of an individual’s budget plan. Been away for years then don’t come during this high risk time. It’s a necessary evil. Thank God SVG is open to travel, to many countries people cannot go

  5. This person was arrested at Mangoz on New Years Eve– video of it has been circulating all over Whatsapp. The person even resisted arrest. Why hasn’t this been reported?

  6. This man has put the health of the whole country at risk. He knew the conditions for entering the country. If he could not afford the hotel stay then don’t come. He should be punished severely as an example to discourage this kind of behaviour. My hope is that he is virus free.

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