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Fancy, in northern St. Vincent, is the closest village to La Soufriere, the island’s volcano that is oozing magma. Residents reflect on the 1979 eruption and give their view amidst the current activity.

2 replies on “VIDEO: On the foothills of danger”

  1. Thanks to Mr. Chance for going the distance and interviewing villagers residing in the red zone in relation to the current situation with La Soufriere to get a grasp of the mindset of the people.

    However, it still puzzles me though that some residents have openly expressed their reluctance to evacuate in the event that an order is given to do so despite the known fact the an eruption is inevitable.

  2. People of Fancy, Owia, and other surrounding villages, please take heed. Life is far more important than your crops, animals, and possessions in your houses. I acknowledge your concerns about thieves stealing your possessions which is cruel.
    But considering the size of the larger dome, plus the smaller dome that is increasing in size every day, an explosive eruption can be very terrible! It can be worse than 1979, and most likely will be if such eruption happens.
    Villagers, you CAN get back what you might lose through theft or through destruction by the volcanic eruption, but you CANNOT bring back your lives or the lives of your loved ones (children, mates, or other relatives) if you and loved ones die. BE WISE! MOVE OUT if an evacuation order is given in the near or distant future.

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