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Glossy Bay Marina in Canouan.
Glossy Bay Marina in Canouan.
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Employees of Glossy Bay Construction Ltd. and Gloss Bay Marina in Canouan are questioning the legality of a protocol the company announced on Thursday requiring them to take 10 days unpaid leave for COVID-19 quarantine if they leave the southern Grenadine island.

The requirement will also come into effect if an employee’s roommate leaves Canouan, including travelling to another island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

In a memo sent to staff on Thursday, the company said that as it continues to monitor the spread of the COVID-19 virus locally, its management had deemed the changes necessary to safeguard the health of its entire team.

Since Dec. 28, 2020, SVG has confirmed 28 cases of COVID-19 among persons who have no recent travel history.

Among those who have tested positive is Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph.

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Joseph’s test result has resulted in Commissioner of Police Colin John and other senior ranks being sent into quarantine.

John joins Minister of Health Jimmy Prince, Permanent Secretary Cuthbert Knights and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache, who went into quarantine on Wednesday after a member of the ministry’s administrative staff tested positive for the viral illnesses.  

The company said that with immediate effect, any member of management, staff or contractor under Glossy Bay Construction Ltd. or Glossy Bay Marina who is currently off-island or going off-island will be required to quarantine prior to returning to work.

“This is in effect until further notice,” the company said, adding that the quarantine period will be 10 days and shall be unpaid unless the person elects to use accrued days.

“If you share an apartment with other Glossy Bay staff, they too will be required to quarantine to reduce risk of exposure to the wider Glossy Bay community,” the memo said.

It added:

“If you have visitors from off-island, we strongly advise that you make alternative accommodation arrangements for them for the first 10 days of their trip to minimize exposure. You will be required to quarantine if you interact with your visitors before 10 days.”

The memo said that sick leave cannot be used to cover the quarantine period and unpaid leave will automatically be applied if leave forms are not presented to HR in a timely manner.

The company has instructed staff members that on return to the island, they are to contact a particular doctor who would administer a test and provide the staff member with instructions.

“Closely follow the instructions given while you are in quarantine,” the memo said, adding that on day 5, the staff member should contact the doctor, who would administer a second test.

“Follow the instructions given. A final test will be given on day 10. You are to return to work only when instructed and only with a signed form from [the doctor].”

The member also reiterated the company’s policy as it relates to the wearing of face masks.

Staff must wear masks while travelling in the staff van or any company vehicle or when sitting in close proximity to others, on the compound and when interacting with guests.

The wearing of masks is “strongly encouraged” when staff are going into the village or off island. 

“Masks should not be worn for longer than 4 hours at a time,” the company said, adding that anyone who is non-compliant will be denied entry to the compound or to the supermarket.”

The company said that anyone found in violation of its COVID-19 protocols risks facing disciplinary action.

7 replies on “Canouan firm imposes 10 days’ quarantine after travel within SVG”

  1. charles lulley says:

    I think this makes sense….but Stopping pay is outrageous. These are affluent companies with Millions and to deprive Vincentian workers of a salary is disgusting. Many workers are away from Families and isolated on the island for Weeks…Depriving them of wages is disgusting.

  2. charles lulley says:

    What is the Protocol for Crew members and Charterers on the Mega yachts?? What is the Protocol for the Pilots and Flight Crew on the Numerous Private Jet that fly in and out? has anyone considered that it could possibly be a LACK of COVID enforcement on the Millionaires…and perhaps not fair to the staff that caters to these wealthy persons?

  3. charles lulley says:

    Vincentians working Canouan or Mustique are aware of the current rapid spread of the virus on the mainland and are well aware of the situation and most probably remaining on island…but Wealthy and profitable Companies penalizing employees already working at low third world wages is deplorable. Anyone in a mandatory quarantine situation should be paid their full wage and not penalized for the precious accumulated vacation time that allows them to visit family on the Mainland.

  4. Edwin Rodriguez says:

    Hmmmm…while the idea of keeping the workplace safe is reasonable. I am not sure that the company can effectively tell it’s workers that they’re confined to the island. If the government mandates that travel between the islands for non essential reasons should be avoided then the company may have a stronger case to take such measures. Simply deciding that workers will be punished for going about their legitimate business outside of company work time is an over reach. Hopefully our government will make clear to the company that it and not them decides on the rights of the workplace.

  5. I’m woundering if the tourist coming in quarantine, and if they do where !
    Not in the hotels, so Sense or non-sense?

  6. This is not lawful. It seems discriminatory at the very lease. I am sure that yachtees entering do not have to adhere to the same protocol. No employee should be made to forgo salary for free travel. This is limiting a persons constitutional right to freedom of movement. Only the state can impose such restrictions.

    Mainland St. Vincent has about 80,000 people with less that two hundred COVID-19 cases. This is within normal limits. The chances of contracting Covid in SVG is limited. The Government is handling the Pandemic very well and sensible. They have put proper measures in place without imposing on individual rights and freedoms. Let the Government set the strategy.

    Everywhere has an increase in COVID Cases. There is no justification for such draconian measures. If the Government allow Glossy Bay to take the law into their own hands they will all believe they can circumvent the law and institute their own unlawful measures.

    A more sensible thing to do is to require each employee to undergo a COVID Test 3 days prior to and 3 days after returning to work. This is something the Government can facilitate without cost to the employee. Make mask mandatory along with washing and sanitizing of hands. Additionally, the Government can limit the flow of persons from the Grenadines to the main land or vice versa and other countries except for essential travel. This will affect the other hoteliers and Glossy Bay financially so I don’t think they would support it.

  7. Kendol Gibson says:

    What happening there where are the labour department in all of these illegal acts.
    These ppl has a current contract that allow time off so that has to honoured.
    They can file for sick leave

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