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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Friday, confirmed 30 new COVID-19 cases, five fewer than the previous day as the country began a four-day weekend.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said that 29 of the cases are nationals detected during contact tracing, testing at flu clinics and targeted screening.

One import-related case is a non-national, NEMO said.

There are now 579 local cases of COVID-19, the majority of which are linked to various clusters, NEMO said.

And, as was the case on Thursday, NEMO no longer said that the local cases were “under investigation”, as it had been saying since the cases began emerging on Dec. 28.

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The new cases bring to 720 the number of persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 in SVG since the first case was detected on March 11, 2020.

So far, 134 persons have recovered, 584 cases remain active and two persons with COVID-19 have died.

The 35 cases detected on Thursday were all Vincentian nationals.

NEMO said that all positive cases will remain isolated until cleared and that all close contacts of positive cases, must remain in their place of quarantine until receipt of their results.

“The public is asked to comply with the mass gatherings protocol which restricts all indoor mass gatherings, including funerals and house parties, to 10 persons, and outdoor mass gatherings to 20 persons.

“Outdoor gatherings include open air crusades, limes, outdoor fetes, gatherings around open bars (e.g., Heritage Square), gatherings with direct access to the courtyard or large yard or a large pool area, catamaran cruises, beach and river picnics.

“All residents of and visitors to St. Vincent and the Grenadines are reminded of the importance of consistently wearing facial coverings to protect them from being infected with the virus which causes COVID-19. Hand hygiene and physical distancing are also basic measures of infection prevention and control,” NEMO said.

On Monday, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves declared today, Friday, and next Monday, as public holidays.

Gonsalves noted that for Easter 2020, Vincentians acted responsibly and in a disciplined way by staying off the road and participating in virtual church services and avoiding events traditionally held to observe the festival.

He said this was the case on the August weekend when citizens enjoyed two holidays at home as a replacement for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

“Perhaps, it’s an appropriate time to do so again. I sense that across our nation, the faces of men and women are strained and anxious about the increase in the local COVID cases, the effusive oozing eruption of La Soufriere, the socio-economic challenges ahead this year and the uncertainties and the unknowns before us.

“To be sure, this anxiety among our people is mixed with a resolve that our faith, our indomitable spirit will see us through, successfully [through] these awesome challenges,” the prime minister said in a national address.

9 replies on “NEMO drops ‘under investigation’ tag as COVID spike continues”

  1. It is so very fascinating to see how we are all controlled (manipulated) by our perceptions (often brought-on by FAKE NEWS and FAKE SCIENCE) rather than real facts. There are so many things that are far more deadly than Covid-19 but we nevertheless let certain people use it to control us with fear, many of them, in order to cause ‘The Great Reset’. Notwithstanding all the manipulated data used to inflate the Covid-19 Death Rate, the OFFICIAL NUMBERS state that of those who contract the virus, the recovery rate is 99.8% (according to the CDC). That is why Death Rates in any given location are essentially the same as they were before Covid-19 as they are afterwards.
    We pay NO ATTENTION to REAL Health Professionals, and they are deleted off the internet as fast as possible when they tell of their experiences. Instead we listen to those who profit from false information that use FEAR for their benefit.
    In SVG they are attempting to make us believe that people are dying from Covid rather than WITH Covid. It seems true that if you have certain serious health issues, you should avoid getting Covid as much as possible because it seems it can contribute to mortality.
    Thousands of doctors worldwide have undeniably used Hydroxychloroquine to treat and even cure Covid, INCLUDING MY MOTHER AND FATHER-IN-LAW, who was on his deathbed WITH Covid and his many other heath issues. They refused a Ventilator and when both of them took HCQ their Covid was gone in ONE DAY!
    Shame on those people that comment on this site to discredit comments of those with EXPERIENCE, in order to make themselves feel superior by manipulating others, (these people have NO experiences, just presumptions based on FAKE Corporate NEWS). Instead think and research for yourselves.

  2. Here is a video from a most-trusted journalist about masks. Most readers, that cannot produce any facts or real witnesses are continuously wetting their pants listening to FAKE NEWS and FAKE SCIENCE, certain that BILLIONS have been dying OF Covid, (rather than a few dying WITH Covid). The majority of people are so heavily indoctrinated, they will never believe the truth. (please see other videos from the same site that you probably CANNOT FIND ON THE INTERNET) Many people would rather sit in their soiled pants hiding in their basement crying and waiting for the EXPERIMENTAL BILL GATES VACCINES.

  3. A case means someone is sick, not positive tests using a pcr test. Kary mullis inventor of the pcr test said it cannot be used to diagnose any disease. They sold us out to THE GREAT RESET CULT, bill Gates and Co.

  4. Dr kary mullis inventor of the pcr test on record said it cannot be used to diagnose any disease. I’m sure more people died last year from vehicular accidents than this “deadly virus” in svg, what’s next ban cars. Wake up my fellow countrymen.

  5. I notice for quite some time now that almost every time there are new cases being recorded, there is a reduction in active cases. This is heartening to see. But I wonder if we are truly getting accurate figures in the number of active cases. The last stats I saw is that we have 30 new cases and 25 recovered. The MOH could be right in this but I am wondering still if they are inflating the figures of those patients who recover just to make the Covid situation in SVG look better than it really is.

  6. So what is the coveted 5 star General’s plan to help the failing tourism industry ? His claims of a growing tourism sector is now failing miserably and in jeopardy of complete failure. He is making no effort to help the Hotels that are in dire straights. Several long standing establishments are going deep in debt from lack of business. They can’t lay off workers until the pandemic passes due to labor laws that require severance pay. Unless there is some concessions or financial aid, these Hoteliers will be forced to close their business. Maybe Ralph wants this to happen, so his foreign and government backed Hotels will be the only ones left standing. It saddens me to see this unfolding while the government turns a blind eye. Mark my words, you will soon see Vincentian owned Hotels fall like dominoes in the very near future.

  7. See the following chart ( which shows that we are still in the early stages of the first wave of this virus, not the second wave as some people have wrongly stated.

    We actually had very few cases since the first one reported on March 11, 2020, very gradually increased in reported cases over the next 10 months, and then suddenly but not unexpectedly shot up at the beginning of this month.

    Please note that I wrote “reported cases” rather than “actually cases” which are surely up to 10 times higher because most people contracting COVID-19 exhibit no symptoms which is the main reason why this virus is so widespread and so dangerous.

    Overall, compared to countries like China, America, Great Britain, and Italy, we are not even at the beginning of the end but at the end of the beginning.

    Buckle up, the worst is yet to come.

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