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Chair of the SVG Christian Council, the REverend Adolph Davis (iWN file photo)
Chair of the SVG Christian Council, the REverend Adolph Davis (iWN file photo)
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The churches and pastors who planned the national 24-hour prayer vigil held last Monday are expressing “heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding support and wonderful partnerships that made the vigil a tremendous experience.

“VC3 Facebook page which hosted the streams records to-date part 1 (6pm to 2am) as having 54,000 views, 5,400 comments and 1,200 shares with YouTube recording 8,600 views,” the Reverend Adolf Davis, president SVG Christian Council said in a press statement on Thursday.

“We are not able to determine total number of views since the streams had to be done in three parts. The total unique individual attendees on the zoom platform was 3,651. This was supported by a number of persons who tuned in and following on VC3 TV,” he said.

Davis said it is significant to note that many of the comments shared on Facebook or in the Zoom chat were prayers.

More than 30 different church leaders from various churches led sessions and shared prayers.

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“This was a wonderful expression of the church working together for the wellbeing of our nation,” Davis said. 

“We are mindful that there are many who continue to contend – what value is there in praying if things appear to remain the same or even get worse. We are confident that the many benefits of prayer and praying far outweigh the suspicions and cynicism,” he said.

“It is important for us as a nation to deliberately, collectively and continually acknowledge the presence and sovereignty of God. Our nation will benefit from its people being humbled under the authority of God. Any people who see themselves and a power unto themselves with no sense of accountability and humility will only be the worse for it,” Davis further stated. 

“As churches we will continue to pray. We will live in the optimism and hope that prayer and the God of prayer provides. We commend to our nation this very God who inspires hope and enables better.”

He said that church continued to encourage citizens to be responsible as the nation navigates the coronavirus pandemic, the challenge of dengue, the current effusive and threat of an explosive volcanic eruption and “the myriad social issues and ills that confront us.

“We believe that working together under God will shape a better St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We pray for, encourage and expect better from our political and national leaders, we work rigorously to protect and restore wholesome family values and we encourage in all the kind of humility that is willing to acknowledge when we have done wrong and work to do better (repentance),” Davis said.

“We are grateful for the support received by the various media houses, particularly VC3 and NBC Radio.  We thank you all as we all continue to work towards a better St. Vincent and the Grenadines. ‘We are out to build a new St. Vincent… the future is in our hands.’ ‘Whatever the future brings, our faith [in God] will see us through’,” he said, quoting a patriotic song and the National Anthem.