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COVID 19 pandemic
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Tuesday, confirmed 51 new COVID-19 cases, the third straight day in which 50 cases and above were detected.

Tuesday’s figure follows 57 cases on Monday, and 50 cases on Sunday.

The 51 new cases were from samples collected between Jan. 15 to Jan. 31, the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said in a press statement.

One case is a contact of an imported positive case.

All of the other new cases were detected during contact tracing and testing of persons with flu symptoms.

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The country has now confirmed 1,059 cases of COVID-19, of which 910 local cases of COVID-19, meaning case detected among residents with no recent travel history.

NEMO said that many of the cases are linked as contacts of known positives.

So far, 275 persons have recovered, 782 cases remain active and two  persons with COVID-19 have died.

“All positive cases will remain isolated until cleared. All close contacts of positive cases currently in quarantine, should contact the flu clinic in their district to arrange testing for clearance,” NEMO said.

“All residents of and visitors to St. Vincent and the Grenadines are reminded of the importance of consistently wearing facial coverings, practicing physical distancing and frequent hand washing, or sanitization, to reduce the likelihood of being infected with the virus which causes COVID-19.”

3 replies on “SVG sees 3rd straight day of 50 COVID cases”

  1. How it gun look says:

    You can close the door all you want but the horse has bolted apparently covid-19 leave its victims with long-term side effects
    The way it’s looking this virus is going to change the Caribbean way of life for about the next 3 years just imagine no carnival
    or big party’s as we west Indians are accustom to for the next 3 years.

  2. I am totally fedup listening to these fools they are just talking and not doing anything they are again following the advice of highly educated fools all the adivevthey gave the thing spreading like wildfire they need to start enforcings measures people saying this people saying that no draconian measure not needed shit if people not adhereing to protocols alyo going to preach and beg and talk forever it is like tell a spoil child not to touched this pot because it’s hot and he would get burn if he touches it and he still touches it what what happens he must get burn yes that’s how I see it really who nar hear go feel actually stiffer sticker measures needs to be put in place the authorities needs to use their authority more or just tell me why then are they in authority it is like asking God for knowledge or courage to overcome your pain for seeing the pain of destruction again but instead of handling it swiftly you just kept saying I will prepare to do this to stop it permanently eat this do that and everything and you are doing it and advising everyone to do it too and the thing still coming and people only talking talking shit about this is not needed or that is not needed because people will suffer they think something is wrong with killing 30people to save 30,000 man I don’t think so I can it it easily if it Necessity is should be done they are talking real shit shit shit stop the blasted talking and doing something nah you listening to the wrong persons who talking talking talking and advising like hell and they see they are not getting any results at all the thing still spreading like wild fire yes they are real stupid people all around even in authority in this blessed country called St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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