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Sputnik vaccine
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that he will take the Russian developed Sputnik COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday.

He made the announcement on WE FM on Sunday three days after telling Parliament he was giving it “prayerful consideration” and would have made a decision by the following day.

“I have decided that on Tuesday that I am going to take the Sputnik — the Russian vaccine. I decided that I am going to do it. I got up Friday morning saying yes,” Gonsalves said on WE FM.

He noted that the country has received, through an intermediary, 20 doses of the Sputnik vaccine.

Ralph Gonsalves 1
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo)

He added that infectious disease specialist, Dr. Jerrol Thompson, a former minister of science and technology, as well as Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Duncan and a couple of other persons in St. Vincent and the Grenadines had already received the Sputnik jab.

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“But, there are so many persons who are a little wary of the vaccines that I finally decided that look, if I take it, persons would probably have greater confidence in vaccine-taking,” the prime minister said.

“Because the anti-vaxxers have been making quite an advance on YouTube and on social media and I’ve seen some statistics coming out from Britain and a couple places,” Gonsalves said.

“I’ve seen some responses from a limited survey done in Barbados and some commentaries by some people who are in public health in the region and I thought that maybe if I take it and people see well De Comrade take it. And not just vaccines in general but certainly this COVID vaccine and particularly the Sputnik,” Gonsalves said. On Thursday, Gonsalves, 74, told lawmakers that his instinct was not to take the vaccine because he did not want to appear to be jumping the queue, although because of his age, he would be among persons may be considered should take.

9 replies on “PM to take Sputnik COVID vaccine on Tuesday”

  1. If I had to take any Covid vaccine it would be the Sputnik-V. However, I actually do not want to take any vaccine AT THIS TIME. Does that make me an anti-vaxer? Many vaccines have certainly caused terrible tragedy, countless deaths and even more permanent handicaps, for humanity but sometimes it has also done great good. For anyone to be forced or manipulated to take a vaccine is wrong. In my opinion it is also wrong to be forced to endanger our health by being forced to wear a mask.

  2. Ricardo Francis says:

    You have the legal, constitutional and political right to take the vaccine, Ralph.

    It is your personal choice.

    Your vaccine taking is more political than medical, Ralph.

    You CANNOT legally mandate anyone, to take any vaccines.

    Is it a vaccine, you are getting Ralph ,and or is it a flu shot, masqueraded as a VACCINE?

    Covid19 is a political virus. How much monies were you, and the NDP promised?

    Please explain to the public about the VACCINES delivered and supplied in 1979!

    I have no confidence in you Ralph, and I am certain that there are a significant number of people in SVG that are of the same view. Remember, I am not a member of any political party in SVG.

    The chicken is coming home to roost soon, Ralph.

    I am very fearless and courageous.

    I shall not and shall never surrender and or waiver my believes now, and or in the future.

    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  3. Why the rush now Mr.PM to take the vaccine?
    Why wasn’t this urgency months again to close the borders and mandate the public to wear masks and social distance?
    This pandemic is no joke you need to disclose if this is the UK strain.

  4. Hahaha haha think yo hard to dead.? or is death scared to come near you? when yo take d vaccine yo will never ever die. Pls tek um

  5. Grizelda Grimm says:

    You are extremely lucky to have access to Sputnik as it is one of the best vaccines there is.

    There is a brilliant website full of information

    It is very important for political leaders to set good example and we can always rely on Ralph Gonsalves to lead us from the front – unlike some political figures

  6. Look how things as Change since the Revolutionist in SVG because Capitalist. When our Prime contemplating or looking for Divine Invention to take or not to take the Sputnit Covid drugs from Russia

    . If this was year 1979 Ralphie might been facing the fire squad, Over thrown, Coup d’etat or put in jail by the Revolutionary zealous there. They might be thinking that the Comrade is in favor of the American make Drugs just as late Prime Minister Maurice Bishop of Grenada face such fate.

    To those that still clamor for old days like my good freind Jom and Renick and Parnal may find some jubilation that our Dear Leader is going to take Russian Space Drug Sputnik Vaccine on Tuesday. I wish him well.

    But to my Vincy people wait on our Leaders and Doctors after they take the Vaccine they will be able to give better guidelines.

  7. Comrade, you should have been the first to take it. You are the Prime Minister and you are in the endangered age group. I’m sure the people of your country want you to stay healthy in order to carry out your duties as PM.
    I sincerely hope that you will remain in good health for many years to come.

    Yogi Ni

  8. Deeply concerning about the promotion of Sputnik; Russians cannot stand black people so what is the deal here? You see how they and China treat their own and we are supposed to believe that they are friends of the Caribbean as opposed to the mean colonisers? There will be a price that it will fall to the people to pay and so the cycle of exploitation by external nations will continue.

    China shut itself off from the world built its economy from the inside and only opened the doors when it knew that it was ready to compete on the global market as equals!!

    Why are we looking to other nations for favour in the form of so called alliances. Have we learned nothing about the vulnerability of people considered poor? Simply put, the way we look at and treat the poor on our streets is the same way the wealthy nation’s behave toward us. However, there are always sharks in the ocean ready to pick off the weak which is usually the one who leaves the strength of its own group…

    Exploiters – Don’t think this only applies to the bad west, it applies equally to Russia and China and deals with these nation’s will only serve to perpetuate the exploitation of west indian people. In the global arena they do not see equals, they see pawns, to be used when the opportunity arises. We know the expression out of the frying pan into the fire? That is what you have with the new friends on the block, Russia and China. You should all be concerned and pray harder than ever before for God to bless SVG with wise leaders.

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