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The deceased, Rodney “Menace” Cadougan.
The deceased, Rodney “Menace” Cadougan.
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Police have launched a murder investigation into the death of a Harmony Hall resident, who was shot then strangled with his own belt in the East St. George community sometime after 6 p.m.

Dead is Rodney “Menace” Cadougan, 43, a driver and shopkeeper.

iWitness News was reliably informed that Rodney was walking between Fair Hall and Harmony Hall when three assailants attacked him.

The assailants are said to have discharged several gunshots at Rodney, who fled into some bushes after being injured.

His attacker pursued him into the bushes, where they are said to have met the wounded man, removed his belt and used it to strangle him.  

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4 replies on “Man strangled with his belt after being shot”

  1. Too much craps is going on in saint Vincent now. The people is getting to desperate now that there are no jobs and is heartbreaking.

  2. It is written, in the last days man heart will be
    evil and desperately wicked. For many that will go down in hell will be numberless as the sand on the sea shore, .all the wickedness will be vividly remembered there. The fire quencheth not and the worms dieth.not.

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