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A number of omnibuses were parked at the Leeward Bus Terminal on Monday morning. (iWN photo)
A number of omnibuses were parked at the Leeward Bus Terminal on Monday morning. (iWN photo)
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The Vincentian Transportation Organisation (VINTAS) is questioning the government’s decision to allow more people to attend churches even as it continues to limit ridership in omnibuses to half of the licensed amount.

“I have no objection to the churches lobbying for more capacity. But here is what I would say. For a non-revenue generating sector to be considered favourably for increase in capacity, I see no reason why a critical sector like the minibuses should not be granted an increase in capacity,” VINTAS president Royron Adams told iWitness News on Monday.

He was speaking as omnibuses, for the second time in as many weeks, withdrew their service over the impact of the government’s COVID-19 protocols on their businesses.

“And we are hoping that they respond favourably. We are asking them to increase to 12, minimum. Ideally, we would like to have 14 but we are asking for a minimum of 12,” Adams said.

Beginning Feb. 27, places of worship in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were allowed to increase the size of indoor gathering to one-third of their usual capacity.

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The government made the change even as it kept in place the rule limiting all other indoor gatherings to 10 persons. The changes will be in place until March 27, when they will be reviewed

3 replies on “Why churches but not vans? – VINTAS”

  1. It is so sad. Churches can reach most of their members online so for them to be extended this courtesy is questionable. I doubt it is divine favour as they like to say.
    The buses should be allowed to go full capacity because the travelling public is affected. Just sanitize and wear masks. There can never be proper social distancing in a bus so don’t even try.
    This all goes to show the kind of PM you are dealing with but he will pay dearly for all his actions one of these days. All who aid and abet him will also pay.

  2. Why don’t the churches broadcast on Tv or online? They do collect money; don’t pay taxes; don’t believe in science; actually, control some low educated people’s minds; they even have connections in the government. Maybe gov. should subsidize the broadcasts but the admin. is all over the place with the present situation, just like the time before and the time before that. Not to say that everybody is not feeling the squeeze; although gov. seems to be trying their best, they don’t seem to have a plan or a target, the result, mass confusion and a lot of unhappy people.
    My questions for the responsible parties: How can you increase living standards? like having adequate services; jobs.
    (If the health services don’t learn a lesson here and now; gov clean up the island then there will be more strife to come.) Do you have a plan post corvid 19? How are going to address the masses who are scrambling to stay alive? anything?
    Traffic needs to be regulated; small businesses needs help or many will be of business soon.
    The church needs to be more inventive in this day and age; stop stirring up trouble.

  3. nancysauldemers says:

    How is the government treating churches favourably when limiting their numbers to 1/3 their capacity when van are allowed to carry 1/2 of their licensed number? A basic understanding of fractions would lead one to conclude just the opposite -vans are still being treated more favourably than churches. With all due respect, Mr. Royron Adams is not helping his case at all by making statements like this.

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