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By Donald De Riggs

It is laughable how some “intelligent” persons are swayed and misled by the current pro-vaccine propaganda … so it is left to conclude that the propaganda machine, well oiled, is effective.

It has captured the imagination of even our learned leaders, why, because they ‘fraid’ to die! … isn’t that’s why you want the vaccination?

When the world news announced at the end of 2019 that a virus was spreading that was deadly, (ushering the “new norm” of social distancing and associated protocols), what became the daily norm thereafter was news and scenes of dead bodies in Europe, the United States and elsewhere, it was/is a picture of death, deaths and more deaths. So much so that the world is in a state of shock, psychological shock.

Shock is trauma or injury of the mind, and when your mind is injured, it invariably affects other body functions. That mental stress resulting from the constant bombarding from the news media has subtly brainwashed most of our “intelligentsia” into believing that the vaccine is the best way to prevent death, because that is what the virus is capable of doing, has done and will continue to do — especially if you don’t take the jab.

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No government or vaccine manufacturer is currently LIABLE, despite the fact that trillions of dollars are being made by the vaccine makers (note I did not state pharmaceutical companies). Vaccines are normally tested on mice and other animals to see what the reaction is in both short and long term. In this case you are dealing with virulent DNA or segments of DNA, which isn’t quite an exact science when you are trying to edit genes at micro millimetre ranges. Although CRISPR has been around for the last decade or so, that science has not yet been perfected. The technology has its usefulness, but to some cold hearted scientists, the human trials is the best way to fast track the findings, at the expense of human “guinea pigs”. I guess some lab mice are breathing ‘lil longer.


Because the scene of COVID death is so overwhelming, many people are afraid to die, and the vaccine is one of the ways to avoid death. While the vaccine may not prevent you from contracting future COVID variants, some medics pushing for the vaccine, state that it will lessen the effects of future infections. There is no guarantee that the current vaccine will be effective against new or other strains. So the risks far outweigh the benefits at this time. The second reason why some persons took the vaccine is purely to allow them to travel without restrictions, I smile when I heard that justification. I go no further, so the majority of persons either afraid to die or just want to be able to travel.

There is undisputable scientific proof that our lemon grass AKA fever grass that grows wild in SVG can destroy the corona group of viruses.  Most of persons 40 years or older would remember that when you had a bad cold or flu that some hot lemon grass tea, some times with a half of lime, would be given to the sick child or person, following which you would literally “sweat it out”. In a day or two you were up and going again. The Good Book states that the “herbs and the leaves thereof are for the healing of the nations” and most modern medicines have herbal origins.  Why “strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel”, I ask my fellow “Vincentians”.

In closing, when my children asked me if I was taking the jab, I laughingly responded, ”… die I must but not from that vaccine!”

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22 replies on “Die I must, but not from the COVID vaccine!”

  1. Stephen L Joachim says:

    Yep. Some truth with a lot of speculation and twisted logic. Seems designed to argue against vaccine usage. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but NOT to their own facts. This is, in my opinion, a misleading article designed to continue to stir up and scare people from using vaccines against Covid. I have the weighed the pros and cons, the risks and benefits as we currently know them. I have taken the vaccine because in my opinion the potential benefits outweigh the risks. Everyone should decide for themselves based on their situation. Articles like this contribute nothing useful. Sad.

    1. You have all right to be sad because u already swallowed the bait,
      Sad u didn’t do your research,,if u did u would’ve known covid19 vaccines don’t eradicate neither prevent the spread of the virus,,,u taking vaccine now u been compromised.


    Fully endorsed. I’m constantly called an anti vaxxer because I have been so vocal about this “trial vaccine” and have decided to maintain my position on where I stand on a vaccine that does not meet my definition of safe based on the research I have done.

    If you ask those who have took the vaccine, they cannot give you an answer that makes sense. Its either political diarrhea or some answer that lacks evidence of science or common sense. The vaccine is STILL IN TRIAL STAGE. IT CANNOT BE MANDATED. YOU DO NOT NEED IT TO FLY.





    1. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

      what you meant to write “Bulling and Fishmongering” certainly would have been more appropriate than the idiotic prattle that you render.

      The article smells of c ben.

  3. That is a breakthrough. SVG should start to export lemongrass, a cure for corona (with high efficacy). The Cubans don’t know that yet? They’re working hard on a vaccine while lemongrass grows everywhere in the Caribbean. The nice part is that you don’t take it intravenously or Intramuscularly, you can drink the tea and you’re good to go (to the valley below; we can go back to Defcon 5). Please to meet you I hope you guess my name, what’s puzzling me is the nature of your game.

  4. C. ben-David says:

    1. There is no scientific proof that fever grass cures or prevents any contagious disease, including COVID-19. None.

    2. The most extreme estimates of eventual
    COVID-19 deaths that I have seen, if there were no vaccine and no physical distancing or mask wearing, is 50 million of the world’s population of 7.8 billion people which works out to 0.6 percent, or less than one in 100 persons.

    3. Nearly all these people would be over the age of 70 and/or suffering from very serious pre-existing conditions like cancer or heart disease which would have killed them in short order anyway.

    3. So COVID-19 is not as serious as many people, and the media and medical professions which have made a pile of money scaring people to death have said it is, but fever grass is neither a cure for or prevention from this potentially lethal disease if you have one or more dangerous comorbidities and/or have a weakened immune system due to old age.

    1. Although the article you posted certainly does have a lot of truth, I am old enough to know not to believe everything I read or hear. ALL Covid vaccines are still experimental and there are certainly many dying from these vaccines as from any vaccines, not to mention sicknesses and permanent health liabilities. Vaccines BEFORE Covid have already caused much good and harm, to include Alzheimers and Autism. This is all undeniably proven, but the goal is MONEY, (even more than population reduction), not health. IN THE USA OFTEN THE GOAL IS TO NEVER CURE, BUT TO ONLY RELIEVE SYMPTOMS AND TO KEEP PEOPLE SICK as long and as much as possible BECAUSE THERE IS MORE MONEY TO GAIN FROM SICK PEOPLE THAN HEALTHY! In the future, if the facts are not covered up even more than they are now, it will be shown that more are and will die LONG TERM from the Covid Vaccines than from Covid. We all already know that there is a BIG goal to attribute as many deaths as possible to Covid, even though many never even had Covid. There are large sums of MONEY involved for the bigger guys up the ladder. Many people pretend not to see this but they should wonder why and who are Benefiting in wealth and/or power. We all have to, at this time be thankful that this new MAN-MADE virus is like a mild flu. AT THIS TIME, and the deaths are certainly exaggerated.

      FEAR is the way they can manipulate almost anyone and it certainly works in SVG!

      1. No, vaccines haven’t been proven to cause alzheimers and autism. Keep your ignorance to yourself and stop spreading conspiracy theories.

        Remember thou shalt not lie nor not bear false witness.

  5. Major Concerned Citizen says:

    I agree with much of what you say but some people may think you are saying “Oh well, the virus is going to kill me, so what?” I do not believe the Lemon Grass is a cure, nor do I believe the mass propaganda concerning the virus, which has turned out to be fake. People are not dropping in the streets as we now know as FAKE propaganda videos out of China at the beginning. Just a few months after the virus had been all over the USA, those two 7th Day Adventist VIROLOGIST Doctors (that oversaw 34 hospitals) in California gave a major news conference on what they have found to be true about the virus, (a concensus from hundreds of doctors and professionals). They received over 1 million views in several hours! Youtube took that video down SO FAST! Doctors telling what they find out about the virus, when it does not meet the OFFICIAL narrative, ARE TAKEN OFF THE INTERNET AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! Even my own relatives in Hospitals overseas tell a different story than what the FAKE news tells us!
    We all notice that the information from our Department of Health in SVG is also VERY SUSPICIOUS! The relatives and doctors I know in SVG tell a different story than what government reports to the media.

  6. Sad to think there are experts who dedicate their lives to study diseases and creating vaccines, only to have fools say the cure is “lemon grass” and “sweating it out”.

  7. Concerned citizen says:

    Kudos, to Stephen, and BB. Imagine lemon grass been touted as a cure for this pernicious disease, logic would dictate that this would be ineffective as a cure. I believe that IGNORANCE KILLS, and we appear to have a large number of ignorant individuals people in our country, and elsewhere, who wear ignorance like a badge of honour. I believe e, that people who advocate against taking the vaccine do a great disservice to their fellow Vincentians, and could benefit from a course in logic. To those who say, against a great deal of evidence, that the vaccine kills, please show the data that supports their position. There are those who say that they do not know what is in the vaccine, or worse that the vaccines may possibly contain harmful substances, yet will happily take blood pressure, diabetes and other medications without any knowledge of what they contain, I would say are not displaying a great deal of logical thinking.

  8. Don De Riggs says:

    Can’t scientists make mistakes ?

    Are scientists always right ?

    Should we be forced or duped to follow science that’s not been tested/proven ?

    After all the local scribes and pharisees have ranted, raved, cussed and criticised, all that remains is the TRUTH … and that hurts at times !

    Small Axe.

  9. The world-renowned epidemiologist Donald De Riggs has spoken. I’m surprised you haven’t capitalized on your Lemon Grass cure for Covid? Perhaps you too are a victim of “shock & trauma to the brain” that I wasted two paragraphs reading about. That a newspaper would print this nonsense is equally surprising. Almost every paragraph needs to be fact check.

  10. Just so you know- all the dead bodies I saw at the hospital where I work were not fake. I have been working at the institution for over 10yrs and in all the years there, I have never seen the morgue overflowing to the point refrigerated trailers had to be brought in. So yeah- its not fake,

    1. Come, come now! Are you sure you were not dreaming? Why do TENS OF THOUSANDS OF doctors AND NURSES in the EPICENTER(S) tell us differently?

  11. Tell the relevant authorities to get the makers of the vaccine to take out the blood clotting factor, and any other high risk factor from the vaccine. Prove the new vaccine over a reasonable period of time. Then people will be more confident in taking the vaccine. People will always be scared of taking something that carries the high possibility of serious bodily injury internally, or death.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    Beverley, please supply the link to the data that backs up your absurd comments, IGNORANCE KILLS, please take a deep breath before contributing nonsense.

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