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The deceased, Agatha Jordan.
The deceased, Agatha Jordan.
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A close relative of an evacuee who collapsed at the Fair Hall Government School on Friday night and later died in hospital says she is anxiously awaiting the result of an autopsy scheduled for Monday.

The relative, who asked not to be named in this article, identified the dead woman as Agatha Jordan, also known as “Cena, “Mama” and “Calf”, 71, of Fancy.

Jordan sought refuge at the government-operated shelter in Fair Hall after the April 9 explosive eruption of La Soufriere forced the evacuation of her Red Zone community.

On Saturday, iWitness News spoke to a source at the shelter who was present when Jordon collapsed.

The source, who also asked not to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter, told iWitness News that Jordan was dancing with the organiser of a karaoke for shelterees when she collapsed around 8 p.m.

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She was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where she later died.

The relative told iWitness News that at the hospital, doctors administered a COVID-19 rapid test, which indicated that Jordan was positive for the viral illness.

However, another test, presumably a PCR test, the results of which took two hours to obtain, indicated that she was negative.

The relatives said that Jordan had high blood pressure and a heart condition and died shortly before 9 p.m. — less than an hour after she collapsed.

Jordan was taken to hospital by a police officer who was stationed at the shelter in response to an earlier incident there, the details of which the source did not disclose.

iWitness News was, however, reliably informed that two teachers, who had attempted to help Jordan after she collapsed, found that her pulse had been getting increasingly weaker as they awaited the arrival of an ambulance.

The source said that a nurse should be stationed at each emergency shelter, especially at night, in light of the fact that a significant number of shelterees have high blood pressure, diabetes, or both.

Meanwhile, the relative of the deceased told iWitness News that Jordan had already taken one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The relative said that the woman had not had any complaint after taking the vaccine and was scheduled to take the second dose next month.

Jordan was staying at the shelter with two of her grandsons, said to be about 6 and 11 years old. 

9 replies on “Evacuee collapses at shelter, dies”

  1. Percival Thomas says:

    Medical resources might be scarce in SVG but there ought to be at least a small medical team at every shelter do deal with medical issues which will arise when there are so many people in a shelter. Perhaps a medical team already exists at all shelters.

  2. Duke DeArment says:

    We all know that somehow they will say the cause of death was Covid. If the evacuee had been vaccinated right before the death they will say the vaccine had nothing to do with it.
    I wonder if Kenton will publish my comment if I ask the Health Department to tell us how many people died within 48 hours of getting vaccinated?
    It seems some things appear to be TABOO in the SVG Media, in spite of being undeniably true! Instead we are left to hear UNRELIABLE things on the streets. I even know names of people allegedly no longer with us after being vaccinated. Just because you hear something in the press (or don’t hear) does not make it true. With the TABOO element imposed on the SVG press it is why so many people instead believe news “on the street”. THE CENSORSHIP CAUSES THE SYSTEM IN SVG TO “SHOOT ITSELF IN THE FOOT”!


  3. Keryn Haynes says:

    I’ve heard of persons fighting to be Shelter Managers but some of them have no clue as how to administer first aid or being first responders.
    Let me commend the teachers for their efforts
    I can only hope as from the day after such training would have started

  4. Horrible. If all people shared in love this would be avoided. Luke 14 Forsake all, everybody, yourlife to become a Christian
    Luke 12 and Matthew 6, Sell out, give all to poor people, and keep all alms in secret
    Matthew 5-7, Work for J, not €, then J will give you and your family as well in case they follow too the food and clothing needed
    Help the poor, sick, needy, and imprisoned to make J happy Matthew 25
    Mark 16 Share Love & Truth to all, to everyone everywhere
    John 17 Work with others in love + peace
    Don’t take the Mark of the Beast right hand or forehead, the only way to buy or sell (It’s not the covid mask or vaccine, but could be quantum implantable or quantum-tattoo) the Revelation 13+14
    USA is most likely the Babylon, to be destroyed with fire in 1 hour, the Revelation 17+18 He loves all, and we need to love Him back

  5. Really sad… those 2 children further traumatised by what has happened to granny and then grief to deal with and homelessness with possibly no other family to care for them. Lord have mercy

  6. Well, because God runs your life from his throne in heaven he also takes care of your death on Earth when he wants to take you up into Heaven, for you can’t go there in the flesh. Why don’t people rejoice and throw a big feast (party) because they and their loved ones are going to heaven when they die. Verily, It was Satan and Beelzebub who caused La Soufrière to erupt, the heavy rains, the mudslides and families living in shelters, and is responsible for all the hardship in SVG. (So) now we need only to pray to survive or prepare to die and go to heaven. Your life has no value, you exist simply to praise God on his heavenly throne, carry out his will then die and go to heaven in Jesus name. The Government’s excuse? It is God’s will. No disrespect intended for the diseased or her family. surely, my sympathies go out to the family especially the children. RIP.

  7. Imagine living a cosy life with your family and offspring around you. Then you are poked into a government shelter where food and water is short and no comfort. The conditions in these shelters is little more than a crime against humanity.

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