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Minister of Public Service, Consumer Affairs and Sports, Frederick Stephenson. (File photo by Lance Neverson)
Minister of Public Service, Consumer Affairs and Sports, Frederick Stephenson. (File photo by Lance Neverson)
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A government minister, on Thursday, announced that he will not be seeing unvaccinated persons at his office, constituency office, or home.

Minister of Public Service, Consumer Affairs and Sports, Frederick Stephenson, made the announcement on his Facebook page.

In a Facebook post, Stephenson, who into his third five-year term as MP for South Windward, said:

“Important Notice: As Of Today June 10 I Will Not See Anyone At My Place Of Residence, Or The Constituency Office In Biabou Or The Office Of The Ministry Of The Public Service Until You Have Your Certificate Of Full Vaccination.”

Some commenters pushed back against the announcement, with Shakeila A. Charles describing it as “utter rubbish”.

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Charles said that Stephenson can make such and imposition for his residence.

“… but the Government office that the people voted to put you to represent them? Oh please.”

Lioness Samuel accused the minister of wanting to give the impression that people actually visit him.

Samuel said that Stephenson was the “worst thing ever grace south windward” and told him to “go hold a corner”.

“Finding every means to force thus on people eh? Well you won’t be seeing me,” said Ron Clarke, a former president of the SVG Teachers’ Union.

Lioness Samuel commented that those who want to take the vaccine should do so and leave other people in peace.

“U cant be serious telling ppl who put ur tail there that ur not going to send them because of them not being vaccinated u dumb or u hit ur head now u going say that’s ur rights?” Samuel said.

“Well its ppl rights if they wanna take it or not and btw what’s it u doing for ppl for u to say that…because am still waiting on a job that I never got because both parents are NDP yo remember that….so I wouldn’t care because they will be wasting their time,” Samuel further stated.

But the minister’s post also received some support, with Terrance Bynoe saying,

“Stevenson is better you lose the next election than to be dead by covid”.

Rozzie Bannister did not see why people were making an issue of the post.

“The same way u all have a right to choose not to get vaccinated, the same way the man has a right to protect himself. If u need him then call, it’s as simple as that. When y’all want the radio stations to talk about things u don’t show up there u call so do that. Stupes”

Audrey Gittens, a former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Housing, welcomed the minister’s announcement, saying:

“Good. The people voted for representation, that does not mean that you should encourage them to infect you with COVID-19 which could possibly kill you. No vote is worth your life.”

Meanwhile, responding to a commenter, Stephenson said:

“People don’t read and understand anything.”

On June 1, Minister of Health, St. Clair “Jimmy” Prince said that 20,324 vaccines had been administered in SVG — 13,902 being first doses, and 6,432 second doses.

Some 16,167 people in SVG had been fully vaccinated, the minister told the press conference, adding that the ministry’s surveillance team was working on providing the disaggregated data.

The ministry had hoped to have administered 50,000 vaccines by this time.

16 replies on “Gov’t minister won’t see unvaccinated people”

  1. wow well done mr Stephenson cause major of the people don’t want take the vaccine which is killing people and all of you up there don’t want to tell us the public the truth you are there talking nonsense its not elections time so u and ur government could say that u all want more population of people be vaccinated my ? why the caribbean islands government pushing this vaccine cause why all of u is on a gender

  2. kendol Gibson says:

    the ppl of south windward elected hi. to represent an seak their interest in parliment. so if he want to put restrictions on seeing his employer the would sign a petition to have him remove an elect someone else period.

  3. He has the right to say what GE thinks us right. I dint see anything wrong in taking the shot. I was afraid at first before making up my mind in taking the moderna, now I feels very safe in. going places because of my decision. Why is it so hard for you to take the shot if government requested. People in saint Vincent you all to lucky.

  4. He is probably not VACCINATED so that’s why he is scared and if by some chance he is why are people that are vaccine afraid of people that are not only this morning on the news two people come down with covid-19 on a cruise ship and everyone on that ship was supposed to be VACCINATED .

  5. I can relate to the Minister’s concerns around COVID-19, but what is unfortunate is in making this announcement without a public endorsement of the other Ministers of government, he (Stephenson) has become the fall guy for an action that should be taken cohesively, especially now with the rising COVID-19 numbers on the ground.

  6. Wait u drink to much rum or wat..for 3 years u neglected a road not less than 500 feet from ur residence..wait what was ur position for the last 3 yrs humble African..u think u vote urself there???

  7. Great stand Mr. Stephenson! You have a right to protect your self and your family from Covid-19 and the ignorance of those who refuse to take the vaccine in theirs and the public interest.

    The other ministers and public servants should support your decision.

  8. Not from your country. However, this poor minister does not realize that the powers to be will also kill him and the govt officials. Our only hope is in the Lord. JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON, Praise the Lord.
    Covid is a sinister, diabolical man made so called virus. The plan is to exterminate 90% of the entire world population. Based on Bible Prophesy, it will happen. The main stream media has spread propaganda about covid and over 90% of the people believe it. The governments were paid a hefty sum by the papacy-pope Francis the man of sin to go along with the New World Order Agenda. Those who decided to opt out are now dead like the Tanzanian Prime Minister. They killed him and many others. Trump, Bill Gates, Fauci, Rogal family, Biden, Rockefeller, evangelical apostate christians, and many more like the doctors and govts are part of this fiendish plot.
    Main thing is to read your Bible and pray. Confess all your sins and forsake them because God is preparing a remnant to stand for him in these last days. Satan is a lier like covid and will ultimately be defeated. God bless you.

  9. Duke DeArment says:

    Monica, getting vaccinated should be a personal choice. As science tells us, when you get vaccinated YOU THEN BECOME CONTAGIOUS, SO THAT YOU CAN INFECT OTHERS! Those under the age of 80 that contract the virus have a survival rate of 99.999% but yet we are all wetting our pants in fear! Even though less than 1% of those getting vaccinated actually die from the vaccine it should still be the choice of the individual. After Mr. Stephenson’s comment he should resign and go hide in his basement. We do not need UNSCIENTIFIC cowards for leaders. Just think what it would be like if this man was PM!

  10. Take warning says:

    If it was in an election year for sure you would have seen them, isn’t it? a shame some ar yo na ha. hope the people learn this time. As a matter of fact ar yo right to cheat them like that, them tooo. dotish. Labour love, five in a row,

  11. Calliaquaman says:

    I do hope that Mp that you will be going to Treasury this month end for your Salary from the Unvaccinated tax payers. This will be unfair Balance. So since a small section of the society Vax you should only get a small percentage of your pay. You cannot have it both way. Jesus did not discriminate he attended to all. Are tou tje Minister of Religion in SVG?.
    My ro cents

  12. No problem Stephenson,,,u never serve the people anyway,,so we won’t miss ur face in office,,u always show incompetence.

  13. Some of you think you have sense??? but they then show themselves on social media or by their comments… personal choice I hear a lot So why can’t a minister have the personal choice not to see people who decide through their personal choice not to vaccinate??? before anyone here tell me about I support Labour or bring politics into it, Personally the man has a personal right to protect himself and his staff colleagues by refusing to see those people he is meant to be representing if they so use their personal right not to vaccinate… Until such persons are infected hospitalised loose loved ones only then will they listen carefully Remove the matter from uno eyes and try to??? note try to act like leaders and not just listen to propaganda or what ever narrative suits the so called educated fellow special kind of Dotishhhhh vincentians my people….

  14. HE DAMN RIGHT!! This is what you voted for!!! This piece of drunk!!!

    He should throw water on alyo!!

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