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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has ordered a national shut down for Friday, as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches.

“At a meeting of the National Emergency Council at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday July 1st, 2021 the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines took the decision to order a national shut down for tomorrow July 2, 2021,” Jennifer Richardson, director of the Agency for Public Information said in a press statement on Thursday.

“As a result all businesses and schools with the exception of essential services  will remain closed tomorrow as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches,” Richardson said.

“St Vincent and the Grenadines is expected to begin feeling the impact of Tropical Storm Elsa from 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. All are asked to rush to complete preparations before the storm,” Richardson said.

“Residents living in low-lying areas are asked to exercise caution as rainfall of up to 8 inches is expected within a 48-hour period. Fisherfolk are asked to remain in Port and sea bathers are not to go into the sea as sea conditions are expected to deteriorate. No ferries will operate tomorrow until the all clear is given,” the statement said.

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