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Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating bookfair, has returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to partner with local organisations in ongoing volcanic ash clean-up and to share knowledge, help and hope with residents, particularly those staying in temporary shelters after the natural disaster.

The all-volunteer crew of more than 200 young people representing 56 different nations is a unique example of unity in cultural diversity. Logos Hope is operated by the international charity GBA Ships (Good Books for All) and partners closely with Operation Mobilisation in the Caribbean.

In 50 years of port calls around the globe, the organisation’s vessels have visited SVG 13 times. The book ship is known and loved in these islands.

In recent weeks, Logos Hope’s volunteers have been eager to take opportunities to serve people on shore in practical ways, such as distributing donated items collected from the people of Curaçao as well as a container-load received from the ship’s supply base in the United States.

Crew have also organised Bible studies with adults and children, daily ash-cleaning outings in the volcano Red Zone and helped with food and water provision.

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The ship is best known for offering Christian and educational literature at affordable prices and this has resumed, in compliance with COVID-prevention protocols.

While the public cannot come aboard in numbers, an open-air book fair is being held at the cruise terminal in Kingstown.

“This has been a much-missed experience since 2020 and crew are glad to connect with local people again,” the ship said in a press release.