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By Indi Kno

I was surprised to read that the Rose Hall Police Station and the Police Garage are on lockdown because of COVID-19.

Why was I surprised? Because the Chateaubelair, Spring Village and Questelles police stations should be on lockdown, too.

Officers assigned to the Chateaubelair Police Station are on quarantine to be tested for COVID-19 on Friday, the end of the incubation period for COVID-19.

Also, positive cases have been recorded among officers at the Questelles and Spring Village police stations.

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It is the second time in about two months that an officer at the Questelles Police Station has tested positive for COVID-19 and the station was not placed on lockdown.

Yet we wondering where the spike coming from? Sad!

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One reply on “Lock down Chato, Questelles, Spring Village stations too”

  1. Oh Lord! Lock down the whole country! Put plain clothes policemen on the road to patrol for possible thieves and
    other criminals who may want to take advantage of the situation.

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