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The 10 officers pose with Commisioner of Police Colin John.
The 10 officers pose with Commisioner of Police Colin John.
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The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), today (Sunday) announced five more COVID-19 deaths, bringing the death toll in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to 38.

Of those deaths, 26 have occurred since Sept. 9.

The five additional COVID-19 deaths were recorded on Friday and Saturday. 

The details of the latest deaths are as follows:

— A 94-year-old male who tested positive for COVID-19 on admission to the COVID ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) died on Friday, Oct. 8, of COVID-19 pneumonia. 

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— A 60-year-old female who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sept. 27, died on Friday, while admitted to the COVID-19 ward at MCMH. 

— A 34-year-old female who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sept. 22 and died on Oct. 8. 

— A 70-year-old female with pre-existing conditions who tested positive for COVID-19 on admission to the COVID-19 ward at the MCMH on Oct. 4 and died of a COVID- 19 pneumonia on Friday.

— A 77-year-old male who tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 5 and died at home with complications of COVID-19 on Sunday. 

All the patients were unvaccinated, NEMO said.

There are 15 patients admitted for COVID-19 at the Argyle Isolation Facility. Of these patients, 14 are unvaccinated and one patient is partially vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, 36 patients are admitted to the COVID-19 wards at the MCMH. Of these Patients, 34 are unvaccinated, one patient is fully vaccinated, and one patient is partially vaccinated.

Meanwhile, NEMO said that 131 new COVID-19 positive cases were reported from 658 samples processed on Tuesday,  Oct. 5, resulting in a positivity of 20%. 

All cases are contacts of known positive cases and persons seeking care, NEMO said.

NEMO said that 161 new recoveries were noted over the reporting 1,286 active cases. 

Since March 2020, SVG has recorded 4,096 cases of COVID-19 and 2,693 recoveries have been recorded in in SVG.

800 samples awaiting testing amidst backlog 

NEMO said:

“The established public health interventions of detection, testing and quarantining or isolation continue aimed at containing and suppressing this current major outbreak. The increased testing associated with these public health interventions coupled with the large number of requests for exit screens from travellers leaving St. Vincent and the Grenadines has resulted in a significant backlog of samples awaiting PCR processing at the Molecular Lab Unit (MLU). This back log, estimated to be 800 samples, should be cleared in 48 hours.

“The strict enforcement of and compliance with all protocols and recommendations are required by everyone if the current outbreak, powered by the highly contagious and deadlier Delta and Gamma variants of the (SARS-CoV-2) virus which causes COVID-19, is to be contained. The correct and consistent use of masks, avoidance of crowds, physical distancing, proper hand sanitising and immunisation with available vaccines have all been proven to significantly reduce the risk of being infected, getting sick and or dying from the COVID-19 virus.”

7 replies on “COVID claims 26 lives in 1 month in SVG”

  1. Yusiff Banditt says:

    Again I said, get vaccinated, take the jab, I could save your life . Roll up your sleeve and go get jab jab.

  2. They say in vncy fowl that do not hear sho usually hear buff. If you dont want to take the vaccination then suffer the consequences.I have no sympathy for thse antivaxers. Their chickens(ignorance) will soon come home to roost.

  3. Louis Ferdinand says:

    So pitiful there are still so much ignorance among some people going on in St.Vincent and the grenadines in this. day and age. Who don’t want to take the vaccine, let them deal with the consequences just let ignorance kill them, end of story. This is not about me,me,me, it’s about us as a Nation and we have to do what’s necessary to safeguard each other’s health including our own.

  4. Well well Lets say it again so people understand taking the vaccine will not stop you from catching Covid 19 BUT it may just save your LIFE, I think i know which i prefer, Hopefully if i do catch it Milton Cato aint seeing me, O Lastly its no good once you have caught Covid and you at deaths door asking for the vaccine, fact is again aint saving you, think wisely think positive and you may just survive…….

  5. Joel Richards says:

    Why are people so stubborn, the vaccines save life, God ask us to be wise, for God sake, take the vaccine my Vincy people, this disease is no joke.

  6. Its so sad that people can’t think for themselves and they listen to other people. You have to be able to make a choice and see what’s best for you. The ignorance amongst people there is still present. Time to move forward from that!!

  7. You can develop a vaccine for Covid, but you can’t develop one for stupid, ignorant people. How many of the 26 was unvaccinated? I will guess 26.

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